Monday, March 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Everything I am most thankful for can be related in one way or another to this building. For those who don't know this is the Latter-Day Saint Temple in Los Angeles. It's where Jacob and I got married almost 7 years ago. It's where my parent's got married almost 34 years ago. It's because of this building that I can live with my family for time and for all eternity. It's because of this building that my family is eternal.

This building is a symbol of what we believe.... and I will share a little of that with you today (whoever you are....)
On Sunday I bore my testimony for the first time in a VERY VERY VERY VERY long time. It's really a combination of me not being a very eloquent person and being really distracted in sacrament meeting so I don't always feel the spirit that is there. Kira and Jacob had to stay at home on Sunday because Kira had a fever and I had to go to church so Jacob got the day off... except not really since he had to stay home with Kira... ANYWAY...

I was sitting there on my own and looking around, and as I looked in the rows across from me i saw one of the boys in primary was trying to sneak a little sip from his little sister's sippy cup but he didn't want anyone to see him (cause he's gonna turn 8 this year and he's too big to drink from sippy cups) and while he slllloooowwwwlllly snuck over to grab the cup and then shrink down behind the chairs so no one could see him and then take a super quick sip and then sllloooowwwwllly put the cup back in his mom's bag, a couple of things occurred to sort of a string of thoughts..... 1 - I LOVE my calling, it's weird to say but I LOVE each and EVERY one of those kids... even the ones that don't listen.... 2 - I LOVE my calling so much, that I get to spend my sundays with these kids, and these kids are so great. They are really trying to do what's right. They are trying to live the way they were taught, because believe in the gospel or not, trying to be the best person you can be is tough at any age and a good goal to have in life... 3 - Our Heavenly Father must look at us the same way I look at Kira or my nieces and nephews or these primary children.... HE loves us, just like I loved this little boy in that minute, just like I love Kira ALL the time, even when she makes me SO mad I want to hand her off to my mother and come back in 17 years.... and that's when it happened... I felt my heart beat so fast and it wouldn't slow down and I knew I was gonna have to get up... walk ALL the way up to the pulpit and actually talk in it. In front of 100's of people I don't really know, who don't know me and I'll venture to say will never remember me once we move out of this place..... but I had to. I had to get up... but Jacob wasn't there..... and so I wanted to share because like I said, I'm not a very eloquent person. Writing tends to be a better medium for me, even if I'm not really great at it... but he wasn't there and I want him and eventually Kira and whoever else has doubted my testimony to know that I KNOW the gospel of Jesus Christ is the true and everlasting gospel.
I know that Heavenly Father knows me, loves me and is concerned about me. This really struck me on Sunday because we have been having such a hard year and I have sometimes doubted my own testimony. Things I know are true were suddenly hard to believe, but on Sunday it all came back to me... in that little moment (weird? I don't know?) I know that Christ is my Savior and has walked with me during these hard times. It brings comfort to me to know this.

On Sunday I also said and will repeat... I am so thankful for a husband who loves me. For the example he has set for us in our home about service and love and that he has honored his priesthood and has been able to give me blessings and the comfort that I needed from those blessings. I am thankful for the father he is. He is the best father, I know everyone says that about their husbands and dads but he is the best father for Kira.

I am thankful for Kira - even though she makes me crazy! I love her excitement to go to Primary every week and learn the music and hear the stories about Jesus. I am thankful for the mother she is making me into.... (patience has never been a virtue I possess) Jacob and Kira are my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Like I said last week there are 500 other things that I'm thankful for but for right now this is what it upmost and top in my mind........

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Boppa - Flashback Friday

I was writing this post for another reason - mostly to reminisce, then my sister reminded me about Flashback Fridays and this applies so I'll combine them.
The other night as we were putting our Kira to bed she asked me if I would sleep in her big bed with her (she has a queen size bed right now) and when I told her no, I sleep in the big bed with Daddy she got a little upset so we struck up a compromise, I would lay with her while she fell asleep.... and so I got to cuddle with my boppa for a little while.

And while I was laying there will her I reflected on the last 3 1/2 years......

Kira started to sleep through the night at about 4 weeks and did so until she started teething at about 4 months. Then once she started teething, she was not a good sleeper.... until she was about 15 months or so, neither of us slept through the night. And now that she does and has done for a while now, I for one am VERY grateful!

Of course the sleeping memories transformed into amazement at just how big she is now... This is how she started out...

8lbs 5 oz.

20 1/2 inches long

Cute as a button

and here she is now.... almost 40 lbs. about 39 inches tall.
And still as cute as a button... as crazy as she can make me, I love her to bits. Always will. That's just the way of motherhood.... no matter what she does, she will always be loved!
My cute pokey-pokey! (Our new nickname for each other)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm thankful for...

As I was catching up on a friends blog the other day, I notice she did Thankful Thursdays. I thought I would give a whirl since I truly believe that gratitude is essential to a good life. I truly believe that you have to be grateful for what you have before the Lord (or the universe, depending on your beliefs) will bless you with more .
So today I thought I would post about my sweet family. All of who I love SO very much. I'm sure that there are times that I will single some of these people out as i go through the rest of the year and beyond but first I want to start with "the whole lot" of them... My family, Jacob's family, our adopted family... they have all strengthened me in so many ways.

I call us "My Little Family" ... although Jacob and I aren't really that little... I still love our family unit.. the fun we have, the jokes we tell, the laughing that goes on in our home. Even though I have never known someone who could drive me more crazy that Kira can, she is my heart! Between her and Jacob, my life is one I wouldn't trade for anything.

My family has been a great strength to me over the years. Has supported and loved me and Jacob and Kira. I am thankful that the Lord put me in this family. It's been difficult for us since my grandma passed, but I know we will stay close as the years go on. The same is true for my mom's side of the family. We maybe a small family, but we are a great one!

The Anderson family is my family. I have been that way since almost the beginning. Once they realized that Jacob loved me they did too. (Except for Valerie, who came later...but that's okay) I am honored to count them amoung my parents and brother's and sisters.... I love them dearly and again, am SO thankful they are part of my life and Kira's life.

This is something I hope to be doing as the year progresses. With the health/fertility issues I have been having lately I think it's important to look at the things I have been blessed with instead of focusing on things I don't. So I hope you guys enjoy this post and I'll see ya next time...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There was something I forgot to blog about

One of my favorite things about Vegas is that there is ALWAYS something to do... People talk a lot of crap on Vegas and while it's true that there are a ton of things that I wish i could change (mainly the smoking in the casinos) about Vegas the one thing you can say is that if you are here and you are bored, it's your own fault! That being said/typed - Jacob had a free day at work and so we decided to take advantage of that day by checking out some new homes up the street (none of which we are going to buy) and then decided that we needed to go check out the new mall on the strip. The night before we had walked the fashion show mall as part of our date night and had a ton of fun at La Sur Table (seriously, if I had a million dollars, I would spend quite a bit of it in that store)
The new mall is called the Crystals Mall. It is part of City Center , the newest "attraction" on the strip. It was full of very expensive stores, none of which we can really afford, but it's fun to look around anyway....

They had these water thingies there (I don't think they classify as fountains) that you can play with... they were fun! The actual mall isn't very big at all but it was a fun way to get some exercise and check out the sites of Las Vegas...

In keeping with Vega's Chinese New Year displays.....

This is us in the Cosmopolitan checking out the menu of Scott Conant's restaurant. (We watch him on Food Network's Chopped show (which I know everyone isn't a fan, but for some twisted reason I enjoy it)
Anyway, I enjoy recording these family days out and about... it helps me remember (cause I have no memory) the fun times we have as a family!

'til next time

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This past weekend we got to have some visitors. My brother and his boyfriend and son stopped by to spend some time with us. This was the first time we got to meet Clint and Kaden and we think they are great! We went to dinner Sunday night (ssshhh don't tell anyone) at BUZZ BBQ. It was good, not as good as last time, I don't know what changed but still good enough to make me want to go back for some pulled pork FOR SURE!.

Then we went back home, sent Jacob to bed for a CRAZY Sunday/Monday workday and the 3 of them and Kira and I went to do usual Vegas visitor stuff... EXCEPT like this time last year when Jo and Adam were here the Gardens at the Bellagio were out of commission so they could put up their spring display.

We did watch the fountains and Kira didn't freak out this time. They did one of my favorite Rachmaninov songs.

On Monday we decided a trip to the chocolate factory in Henderson would be fun!

Kira and Kadan held hands all day long. Mostly cause Kira wouldn't give him any other choice but it was still cute.

After the chocolate factory we took a jaunt around their cactus garden, until it started to rain.

After that it was a stop at the MGM to see the Lions, but they were asleeping so that was kinda a bust. They did have two baby lions hanging out though and they were fun to look at!

Then it was lunch and they were off.
I love it when family and friends stop by. We are expecting Auntie "M" in June and are SO excited about that. Anyone else who wants to come hang with us in Vegas just give me a call!

'til next time

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Typical Shopaholic series... it all turns out in the end for Becky and her crazy ways. Definitely NOT a deep book by any means but a fun read if you're looking for something to do.