Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's true - I haven't posted in a while...

To be honest - there just isn't that much stuff going on. BUT I thought I would go through some highlights of the past couple of months.... in no particular order - because well... my memory is just NOT that good....

*  Spent a couple of hours with high-school friend and kids at the Shark Reef.

      Kira LOVES the Shark Reef - she has always liked it. So when an old friend facebook'd me a message              and said - we're in town and want to hang out what do you want to do - I recommended the Shark Reef (after     a conversation about the park - but it was HOT outside - so we stayed inside) The week before, her pre-school class took a field trip there and so she learned a lot of new things and was more than happy to share with her new friends.

*I chopped off my hair - I have been wanting to do it for a while - I remember a time when long hair was ALL i wanted. Growing up I always had short hair, it wasn't until I was old enough to take care of it myself that my mom allowed us to grow our hair out. Since then it's been super SUPER short, bobbed, shoulder length and longer - I have SUPER thick hair and it just gets to be too much for me to handle so I went from this......

To this... I love it. (Jacob doesn't but thats okay) It's longer now because it's been almost 8 weeks. I'll wait to get it trimmed until we are in Cali I think. 

What I had forgotten is how curly it is when it's not weighed down.... so below is au' naturel .... or what it looks like before I take a straightener to it..... 

*The best $13.00 I ever spent on Kira was these blocks. I bought them for her 2nd Christmas and she plays with them more now than ever. EVERYDAY (and I mean everyday) she takes a part and builds a new castle... and then sometimes tests the strength by kicking her soccer ball into it.... SO fun! 

* Kira got a visit from the Easter Bunny and left her a VERY happy girl! A new purple polka-dot dress, some new jewelry, something to color, some peeps and a bit of chocolate! After some relaxation and church, we invited our friends the Merrill's over for dinner. Jacob make a yummy brisket (his first) and he and I worked on the rest. Even though most everything was from a box or can, it turned out pretty good. Especially by the addition of some Leatherneck BBQ sauce

* We all went to a mini car show at Tommy Rockers - This was Kira's favorite car (because it's sparkly and purple) It was fun to hang out together on a Saturday afternoon. 

* Kira and Jacob went to the Viva Las Vegas Car Show - Background - Jacob and I have been going to Viva since we started dating (started dating in November, went that first April) a couple of years they started to charge and while I still can't find the rationalization for how MUCH they charge I have missed the last 2 or 3... BUT, Kira is free until she's 14 so Jacob and Kira have gone the last couple of years! And they have a great time! 

Here she is in her outfit for the Car Show - new dress, new shoes... her hat! She was SO excited to spend the day with her daddy! 

*Oh and if you haven't noticed Jacob shaved all of his facial hair. He's working on a new project and it was a requirement. He looks like I remember him and I for one enjoy it. Kira's not sure and it's funny to hear what people have said about it. He started growing out his beard when we moved to Vegas so people at church only really knew him with it. I got a text from a friend of mine the other day and told me when she first saw him she only realized it was him because he dropped Kira off at a party. If it wasn't for Kira she wouldn't have known who he was...... haha!

*And lastly, I started Weight Watchers in January. As of last check-in I have lost 11 pounds and a total of 17.5 inches off my body. It feels good but I still have a lot to do. The point was to lose enough so that I could get pregnant naturally.... (i.e without clomid or some other fertility) and while I can't attest to whether that has worked yet or not - I can tell you that even those 11 lbs (5% of my body weight) has really made a difference in my life. I feel better, and my body likes the weight off..... without getting into too much detail - my cycles are more regular so it looks like I'm heading in the right direction!!!  I did Weight Watchers YEARS ago ( like 10 or so) with some friends and lost 15 lbs then and kept it off until I got married so now I'm hoping to lose more and KEEP it OFF!!! 

So that's been our spring. I'll try to keep things a little more updated from now on. We're looking forward to a fun summer. Hopefully including a trip to Utah, a mini trip to Cali AND Tennille get's to go to girls camp this year with her Young Women...... so stay tuned!