Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Las Vegas .... Zoo?

Well it's actually called the Springs Preserve. They take in animals that can no longer be taken care of by their owners or have gone into "retirement" from other zoos. It's only 8 bucks to get in and Kira was free.
We went the first weekend in October and had a good time... just being together as a family and showing Kira some animals.
She loved the big tortoises and liked it best when we let her out of the stroller to walk around.

Pointing at the otters

Looking at the birds with Mommy

The wildest animal of the all!.... The Kira!

Sidenote: Kira will be a pumpkin for Halloween. She is going to participate in our ward's Trunk or Treat on Thursday and so we will have pictures up soon...Thank You Grandma Jetta for fixing my mess-up!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just an update

Kira has been growing so much! She says funny things that sounds like sentences... things like...
"What'd you say?"
"Whose that?" (spelled phoneitcally)
"What's that?"
She understand a ton of things and finally says Momma as she is walking around the apartment.... She is growing more independent by the day.
She loves to go to our playgroups... one with our Las Vegas Mommies Group on Tuesday and one with our ward on Wednesdays. It's good for her to be with other kids and get knocked down from time to time since she is the only kid here.
She loves to go to primary with us and hangs with the Sunbeam B class on Sundays. She sits in the little chairs just like the big kids and always looks proud of herself when she gets up by herself.
We probably won't be down to California for Thanksgiving this year but we will definitly make Christmas.
Enjoy the pictures of our girl...

She's a ham!

Riding her zebra

Playing Foghorn with Daddy

Hanging with dad.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life with Kira!

This week has been a little challenging. We knew going into the whole kid thing that life wasn't going to be a breeze but there were somethings we just were not prepared for....

I know what your saying... this just just a picture of food... (some good for you, some not - but that is a discussion for another time)... why is she taking a picture of her cupboard?... look closer..... closer.... CLOSER!! IT'S MY DANG COUNTER!

Kira had taken to heart the whole adding more fiber in your diet mantra a little too seriously and has taken to opening our cupboard and eating every box she can grab hold of. I held her off for a couple of weeks until she learned how to CLIMB IN!!!
Now, I know what your saying now too but I can't find the dang door locks so until I go and buy some my counter looks like this....

.... and my cupboard is bare...