Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Vegas....... BABY!

One of the things I love most about Vegas is that people come here.... for all kinds of things. Weddings (thanks Brett)Business trips (thanks wade), or just because (thanks a lot of people) and it's usually the just because ones that I like best. Because there are no deadlines, there is nowhere else to go and we can do pretty much whatever we want in the time allotted. We had a "just because" visit from a good friend of mine,Korie, who came up with her family and her new sister-in-law to see what vegas was all about. This wasn't Korie's first trip here recently. She's visited us a couple of times, she took the pictures at Uncle Butt's wedding so she's almost a Vegas pro now...
Anyway, Korie headed up on Thursday with her family and Kira and I got to pick her up at the castle. Then we headed home to meet Jacob and unload some pretty nifty loaners for the wii. We picked up Jacob and headed out to Henderson to go to the cupcakery. Korie has been dying to try it since she first forwarded me a coupon for them back when we first got here and I thought Henderson was as far away as the moon (it's not of course but when you move to a new place you just don't have your bearings yet) Then after the cupcakery (their cupcakes are SUPER good!) we went across the street to Cafe Rio,(now I'm pretty sure that Korie only agrees to go there because I want to - I love their pork but next time we'll try some place new)
After the Rio we headed out to show Korie the Bellagio Gardens, how she didn't know about them before I don't know but they did their yearly Chinese New Year exhibit. I guess this is the year rabbit (or hare) and they had the cutest little rabbits there. Kira had a blast!

Then we decided that we would stop at the Las Vegas sign. This is something we (the Anderson's) did for the very first time. It's usually so busy and there are like only 10 parking spots but that night it was pretty empty.... because it was windy but we had fun anyway!!
The Andersons
The California "gurls" yelling Banana!!!

Even though she was only here for one night, we had a blast! We always love it when "Auntie Korie" comes to visit and we hope that she comes again soon!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My (not so) little girl

Last week was pretty slow and so on Thursday Kira and I decided to go to the park. She was so excited to see so many kids there to play with... I was kinda bugged that all the benches were taken... but that' s okay. I can deal. Kira went off to play and almost immediately got rebuffed by two girls that were very firm about Kira NOT playing with them. Kira was upset and wasn't sure what to do, with her being an only child she doesn't have a lot of experience with other kids being mean to her.
I asked her to come and talk to me and we talked about how sometimes kids are just mean and that I was sorry they hurt her feelings BUT there were lots of things to do at the park and we could do them together (so I guess it didn't matter that the benches were full after all)

So we climbed ladders and she went down the slides and I'm pretty sure she had a good day anyway. BUT what really struck me was how much I want to protect her from anything in the world that would hurt her. There are, of course, lessons to learn and she's going to have to learn them no matter how much I don't want her to hurt.

It occurred to me then and a couple time since then that she is not a baby anymore. She is still so young but she's growing up and all we can do as parent's is teach her the best we can, have patience with her and be there to support her as she struggles and succeeds. That's all we can do as parents.... that and pray really hard that the Lord will help us as we help our children. I now know how the Lord feels when we are in pain. Watching her being told they didn't want her there hurt me maybe more than it hurt her. Knowing that this won't be the last time she'll ever hear that from someone. It made me wonder how our Heavenly Father feels when he hears us say that, or something just as mean to another or about another one of his children. That thought makes me want to try harder to be a little better everyday.... and one day maybe I'll be able to get to the top of the "mountain" and be the person I'm really trying to be....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mesquite Motor Mania

On Friday I got a text from Jacob telling me about a car show in Mesquite on Saturday and wanted to know what I thought about going? Jacob had to work really early(3am) that morning and Kira and I had a Primary Activity to go to but we figured we could do all that and still squeeze in some family time. So after our Primary Activity Kira and I came home and got ready to go. Jacob met us at home and we were off to Mesquite at about 1:00 or so. My original plan was to take a nap in the car but Jacob and I spent the drive catching up. (isn't it amazing that while we see each other everyday and still need to catch up)

They had all kinds of activities going on and something different at each casino. We stopped at all 3 and had a fun time looking at all the cars. Kira had decided that she wanted to take a red one home and got a little upset when someone "took her car" for a drive!!!

This is my new favorite car. Jacob has been instructed that if he finds one for sale and we can afford it he can buy it on the spot without consulting me. There is only one other car he is allowed to do the same it's this...

Both are Desotos......

Til next time.