Sunday, September 21, 2008

The QuikLiner 350

For those who don't know us to well... I grew up in Racing family, sure there was football and some baseball... NEVER EVER Basketball but what there always was NASCAR and some other race type things.... moto-cross, Jet-skiing, Indy-car, Sprint Races, Formula 1 etc. going on in my house...

(Me at a practice, I never got to race)

(My brother, Brett getting ready to race)

(My sister, who has no fear when it comes to throwing that bad boy where it needs to be!)

I grew up around names like Fitipaldi, Andretti, Earnhart, Petty, Rahal, Unser etc... Jacob grew up in the football, baseball, basketball family but he has always liked cars and racing fits right into that....

We have always liked going to live events, like the BYU vs San Diego State Game or any Angels game but my dream has always been to go to a Nascar event. It's so outragiously expensive to go to any of the races so I think this is as close as I'm ever going to get. Jacob got free tickets to the Nascar Craftsman Truck Races for Saturday and we were so excited to go.
We didn't get there as early as we had planned, Kira was fighting her nap and we were not about to chance her not getting one so we left around 3 and got there about 4. The racers were to be introduced at 6 so we had some time to look around and we got to check out the pit area for a little while.

Around 5 we decided we better go find a seat so after catching our breath from walking up 3 stories of stairs with a stoller because of a broken escalator we found our way to the general admittance seating. We got a pretty good spot, about 30 yards west of the start/finish line.

Kira didn't like the noise, we bought her cans for her ears but she wouldn't wear them. We tried the little ear plugs too but she pulled those right out, so for the first 20 laps or so we sat like this .....

Then she took a little nap with one year against my chest and my hand covering the other...then around lap 100, otherwise known as the 50th caution lap, she woke up. We tried to cover her ears again but she resisted and eventually either got used to the noise or was so distracted by the flirting she was doing with the little boy two rows up for us that she didn't care.. I'm not sure, but Kira did way better than I thought she would and we got to stay for the whole race.
The results if you care to know are that Mike Skinner won the race, followed by Erik Darnell.

Over all we had such a good time and hope that we get to make it again soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh my... they grow up so fast

So I was blog lurking today and happened upon Nancee-used-to-be-Phillips blog and she was writing how having her baby grow up so fast doesn't make her sad and I had to agree with her... I loved Kira as a baby but as she got older things got a little easier... sure there will always be the odd 1am wake-up call and dirty diapers to change (at least until she's 2/ 2 1/2) but I wake up everyday looking forward to the interactions of Kira... This is what I got today (please excuse the voice, I caught a headcold) while Kira and I were eating lunch... Now I haven't talked to a lot of people but I really think she is too young to be doing this... she's not even 13 months yet.... but here it is...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Kira!

Yes, it has happened... Kira has turned one.. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since she has joined us. So much has happened and she has grown so much!

This is Kira the hour she was born!

Sort of eatting her birthday cupcake.

Here are some pictures of her party! We had alot of fun, Kira was a little unsure of the amount of people there... all wanting her to smile and play. She didn't get alot of sleep the night before so she was a little grumpy but liked the presents part.

Taking a much needed nap with her GramJan... who I think enjoyed it as much as Kira.

Daddy and Grandma Jetta preparing food! mmmmm

Who needs clothes when you can just eat the tags all day?

Yeah... it's Elmo!

Check out this action shot!.... book good... until... hey... what's that?

Everyone waiting to get their cupcake.... yummy!


The next day the "God-father" himself paid a visit and gave Kira some cute stuff!

Thanks everyone for coming, we had a great time seeing everyone and celebrating Kira's Birthday... next year Jacob says the party is in Vegas so start booking your flights and hotel rooms : )

Post to come: The rest of the week in Cali