Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My life got crazy. I'm not sure how that happened but it got crazy and I have been so late posting.
First how my life got crazy -
- Kira turned 4!!!
*We moved and I got a calling in the Young Women. Than means mutual on Tuesday nights, weekly or biweekly meetings and lessons to plan *almost* every week, which I should be doing now actually.
* Kira has soccer practice on Wednesday nights, only an hour but it messes with dinner time
*Kira also started preschool, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings she off to learn about fun stuff. She loves it but I feel like Tuesday and Wednesdays all I do is drive.
*Add in school, housework (the little I can handle) and all the other stuff you gotta do and it makes for a busy life. The things you used to have time for you don't anymore.
BUT It's important to keep updated on stuff. Just to keep up on the memories, since this is our family journal.

What have we done the last month?
- we went to the Shark Reef with Scott, Clint and Kaden. Then Kira and I got a pass
- Kira started soccer
- We went to a car show
- Kira and I went back to the Shark Reef with some friends
-And I went to the doctor and we discussed some possible avenues for adding to our family...

My baby turned 4 - I don't know how that happened so quickly, but she did. We spent her birthday doing all sorts of fun things. We picked up her friend Lucy around 11 to go see the new Winnie the Pooh movie - super cute!!!. We had popcorn and fruit snacks and juice boxes, then we made a stop at Mcdonalds (her choice) and then.... FRO YO and Menchies. Lucy and I sang Happy Birthday to Kira and we had a great time. Later that day Kira got to pick where we went for dinner, she choose Del Taco (why- I don't know) and when we got home we had cake (that poor sad little cake) and she got to open presents from Mom and Dad. It was a low-key and really fun birthday over all and she started talking about turning 5 as soon as she was 4.
Her present from Mommy and Daddy
Her new cow-girl hat from Mom and Dad

Kira helped me make her cake, she was so proud.... I'm glad she enjoyed it because it looked sad...


My "little" brother Scott, his partner Clint and Clint's son all came down for labor day. (They also brought my IKEA order - and put it all together for me). I made Scott a death by chocolate birthday cake, that he was a little afraid to eat (because of the sour cream in it) but it was fantastic! Scott and Clint went out on a little date Sunday night and on Monday we hit the Shark Reef in the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort. I love aquariums, I'm not sure why since I'm not a great swimmer, especially ocean swimming but everywhere I go I like to go to the aquariums, this is as close as we get here in Vegas but it suffices. We all had lots of fun, after the Shark Reef we walked over to see the Lions at the MGM and to the M&M store. Going to the M&M store with my little brother was fun, M&M's were his FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITE candy growing up and it was fun to see him enjoy himself. This is the second time we have had Scott and Clint come to stay and they are pretty fun to hang out with and very patient as we had to wait to get a new water heater installed ON LABOR DAY. Then Scott and Clint hung out with Kira so Jacob and I could go out on our own for a little bit. It wasn't a long time but it was fun and we sure appreciate their willingness to watch Kira for us.


For a while now Kira has been talking about playing Soccer. Jacob and I were trying to steer her toward T-ball, but she wasn't having it, she was firm. We waited until she was 4 and signed her up. Soccer wasn't a game Jacob grew up playing all that much, I played a little here in the states but more so in South Afrika. I know the basic rules, but it's been a while since I played regularly.

Here she is the night of her first practice.

Here she is right before her first game.
The game was pretty fun to watch. Her team were not very sure what was going on but caught on in the 2nd half. They lost but I don't know what the score was since they don't really keep track. I was afraid she would be sad but I really don't think she noticed all that much. She did say, "the other team got a lot of goals but we didn't". To which I replied, "but you had fun right?" and she said she did and that she couldn't wait to go do it again. This weeks practice was way more focused and we have another game on Saturday. It's super cute to watch her play, she a fringe player, as in she run back and forth back and forth (sometimes with a little girlie flair - that's SO cute) with SO much energy and always with a smile but does NOT want to be in the action. We will see how she does this weekend.

In other news. Young Women is going great. I am the Beehive Advisor and am enjoying my time with both the other leaders AND the girls. We don't have a lot of girls but the ones that we do are trying hard to live the gospel.

News on the baby front? - Well there isn't much. I have been on Metformin now since the end of June. When I went back for my appointment the end of September she told my my options. My options are to continue with the Metformin (with a higher dosage) which will hopefully allow me to lose some weight. She seems to think that if I could get down to at least what I was when I got pregnant with Kira my body could ovulate on its own. We know I'm ovulating but we don't know how often. My other option was to get on the clomid, which is a drug they use to help stimulate the ovaries, causing them to produce more follicles and most of the time insuring that you ovulate. Sounds like the way to go right?
Well - after a lot of thinking, a lot of praying, some talking with Jacob I decided to wait. I'm not sure why. We have been trying got 18 months now and the thought of waiting longer is not a great one. Maybe the Lord gave me that answer so I wouldn't be devastated to hear from the doctor that it will be $440 a month to monitor me. That's not something we can afford at the moment, maybe back in the summer when Jacob was working close to 80 hours a week but not now when he's barely working 40 (the joys of construction) I really wish she would have told me in June that it was going to be that much.
I have two options - I can stay with her, who knows my history (my ectopic last year, all my blood work etc.) She seems to be very cautious about the clomid process (the same part of me that says to wait is the same part of me that thinks this is a good thing). Her office is close to me AND I like her.
I could go to another doctor, one who would just prescribe the clomid and send my on my way. It's really tempting I have to say AND I know a lot of people who have gone this way but it's not for me. Again, I don't know why and I may never know why. Maybe all the follicles would lead to another ectopic which wouldn't be found because of the not monitoring. My doctor did tell me that all future pregnancies (not that there will be a lot more) have to be thought of as ectopic until proved otherwise meaning as soon as I am aware of the pregnancy I am to go to the doctor and start the blood testing every two days to make sure all my levels are doing what they are supposed to be doing.
So far the answer is to wait, again I don't know why, it's just what I feel in my gut. So.... we wait. I won't lie and say I don't get discouraged with this whole thing. It makes me feel sad some of the time. Kira has been wanting a baby for a while now, ever since she realized ALL of her friend have a sibling, that makes it doubly tough when she asks when we will get our baby. I tell her that I don't know. Her faith is amazing, she is SURE Heavenly Father will give us one. I know that too, how that baby comes to us is still a bit of a mystery. If we end up having to wait until things pick up for Jacob and do the clomid in the spring then that's what it has to be... and if that doesn't work then we'll start looking into adoption.
Anyway, that's enough of that....... sorry it's been so long and that this post IS so long... I'll try to keep up.....
'til next time