Sunday, June 22, 2008


Wanted to post some more pictures and maybe a video or two of our little ball of energy! Kira is getting more and more fun! She talks incensently and is a little ball of trouble. She crawls really fast and is getting... count 'em folks 4 teeth in as we speak. The front two are still growing in and now the bottom two next to the ones she has had for a while. She has been a real good sport and doesn't complain about them too much. She is getting better at sleeping now...we instituted a new rule.. we will hold her to get her to sleep but then she goes in her crib. If she wakes up, then that was her whole nap... it seems to be working more and more and she is even taking longer naps.
She stands up on her own for a few seconds (until she realizes that she's on her own) and walks along the couch still. Sometimes she will take a step on her own if I'm close by and she wants me to hold her or I have something interesting to her.
She is a very busy girl and gets into EVERYTHING... it's both fun and a little annoying as it makes it hard to get anything done. We like that she is curious and active but she is hard to keep up with. She loves to make messes (her books are always on the floor because she has pulled them off the case)and loves to dance dance dance and sing a little too.
She is starting to like the pool more and more BUT only when she has her little floatie... (Jacob took film pictures of that so when we get them scanned then I'll post them)otherwise she freaks out at the temperature(can't say that I blame her all that much as it has been really cold until recently).
Anyway here are some pictures, hope everything is going well and we will be down in Cali over 4th of July weekend.

Named for a rocker... will become a rocker??
She loves Jacob's guitar.. both of them. She loves to strum the strings and play with all the movable parts.

She likes to drink whatever we're drinking BUT not in a bottle or a sippy.. it has to be out of our cup.

I think this is such a cute picture....

For father's day we meet Val and Nat Nat out on Lake Mead. Kira loves playing with her cousins!


Her two front teeth

Playing with her "Piggy Bank"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rest of May

SO, to answer every ones questions we have not finished moving in.... it has been an arduous task and one I hope NOT to repeat anytime soon. It's amazing how much stuff we keep and deem to be important. It really makes me grateful for all I have been blessed with but also motivates me to learn how give focus to those things that are important and to let go the things that are not....
Anyway, on to the reason you really come to visit my blog... KIRA! She is such a funny kid! She is full of love and energy! She loves when her Daddy comes home from work, so much that she gives him no time to take off his shoes and relax. As soon as she hears the door unlock she's out of my arms and into his! And that Daddy sure spoils her, which I'm sure is the job of every Daddy. He let's her drink out of his glass, which she loves. The latest combination of "juice" was Lime-Aid and Cranberry juice which made my face bunch up like a fish but Kira just kept on drinkin' (must of got the sour affinity from her father) He also lets her chew on paper which Mommy doesn't like but like I said... that's what Daddys are for.

She also doesn't really like Baby food anymore and opts for things like her corn puff wagon wheels, Cherrios and her Baby cheese puffs as Jacob and I call them. (They are actually pretty healthy and come in a variety of flavors)She also will eat stuff from our plate like rice or pieces of bread etc.

Her two front teeth are finally coming in and as soon as I remember to put batterys in my camera I will get a picture of those. They are coming in at the same time which I'm sure is both a blessing(for us) and painful(for her).
She is still extermely vocal and had taken to going around the apartment with words that sound like... "Hi. Dad" and "Hey, Bob" and her favorite "Hi-yah" and "Hey-yah".

Whenever we go to a store that plays music she dances and laughs at her mommy who lip-sinks to the songs. She thinks it's hilarious and I'm sure the people around us are thinking I'm crazy but I don't care because I love Kira's laugh and although she is liberal with her smiles (she's very flirty) she doesn't laugh out loud a lot.
We have started singing "The wheels on the Bus" and we try to read everyday even if it's just one book. She also dances along to her leapfrog table that she loves playing with (Thanks auntie 'Brina)

Anyway here are some pictures from the rest of May.... we love you all and miss you very much!

Sleeping on Daddy... she's so beautiful (even if I do say so myself)

Showing Daddy her books.

With me on Mother's Day

With Gramjan on mother's day

With Auntie "M" on Mother's Day

Drinking Daddy's lemonade

This is the picture I got as she was climbing down the boxes...........

Kira and her cousin Tommy-Boy when they came for a visit.