Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashback Friday

Somewhere in early 2000s


Somwhere in early 2000s
Me and my friend Jo.
Jo (or as Jacob likes to call her... Jo-Anna) has been my friend for 16 years!!! She is my oldest and dearest friend. Sometimes I think that the ONLY reason my family was sent to England was so that I could meet Jo. We meet not long after I moved there and became almost insperable on the weekends. I was only there for 6 months but my life has forever been effected by knowing her.
I love what technology can do for us. I have talked to Jo twice this week (if you consider instant messaging on facebook talking... I totally do!)
It hard being some 5000 miles away from each other... last time I saw her was almost 4 years ago. I miss her everyday. So I wanted to dedicate this flashback Friday to my best-friend (other than Jacob) Jo. So Jo... I miss you and love you and hope you enjoy the pictures

Friday, May 8, 2009

A week in the life of being Kira's mom

It's been a fun week with Kira. She is talking a ton!!! And Jacob and I couldn't be enjoying it more. Some new words this month... Apple,Bubbles,Waffle,Keys(which sounds like cheese) Melmo(for elmo) and Amen (although she pronounces it All-mine but I think there maybe something to that actually... I'll go into it later)
She is a total girl... it really is a testiment to me of what the first presidency says about Gender (see link). She loves wearing her pretty church shoes and can put them on herself.

She loves trying to put on whatever piece of clothing she can get her hands on... although she doesn't always put them on the body parts they belong to. She can often be seen wearing my high heels and loves to pick out her clothes for the day. Since it's coming up on Swimming season, I pulled out the bathing suits I bought for Kira last October... (2 for 5 bucks... can't beat that!)
Anyway, she was so excited about them she had to put them both on... that minute!!!

Her Uncle Henry (aka the godfather) bought her a glow worm that she now will not go to bed without.
I'm lucky that she will still take naps most days. It makes the day easier for the both of us. She loves the Elmo's world dvds (which we only have two of so I'm done with watching them already) and likes to tease her daddy while he reads the paper.
Jacob and Kira have been in the pool twice already this week and she's getting used to being in the water again. Jacob said that she didn't mind the life jacket she got last summer so thats good.
Below are some pictures of kira from this week... as most kids her age she likes to draw. She somehow smuggled a pen into nap time, and Jacob brought her out to me looking like this....

It took a wipe down with the wipes, and two baths to get it all off.
I feel so blessed to have her as part of my life! I'm a very lucky person.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday

This flashback isn't that far back actually... but I have been pondering over a few things this week... It's been a year since Jacob moved to Vegas. He was here a whole month before Kira and I came up. We thought that would be the best way since his job and the move was so sudden. It was the absolute hardest month of our married life and maybe even my whole life. Kira was just 8 months, she was teething, I don't think I slept in my bed most of the time (I always ended up falling asleep on the couch with her sprawled on top of me). Then she got sick and I had to take he to the ER by myself and had didn't have Jacob to give her a blessing. We had wonderful home teacher and a great Elders Quorum and they came to give her a blessing.
ANYWAY... the one bright spot of the month he was gone was Rinny Roo being born. Corrine, my youngest niece is a year today! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINNY!!) So I'm going to share some pictures from that day... Korie took most of them (why do all my FBFs have to do with Korie in some way?)

Kira in the waiting room she wasn't allowed in to see the baby

Another... look how little she was

Grandma Jetta with her 8th Grandbaby!
I'm always a little sad when I think that out of all the Wade and Sabrina Anderson kids, she's the one I know the least... we have been gone her whole life... but Rinny... we love you just the same and will see you soon!