Friday, July 27, 2012

An update

It's been a while since we have done an update. Mostly because my camera is broken, it still takes pictures but the batteries keep falling out and it's a pain in the behind to cart around..... but I did get an iphone, which is nice so i can take pretty okay pictures while we are out and about.... Like the ones below.... In the beginning of June, we got to go down to California for my birthday weekend. We were lucky enough to stay with Auntie M and able to go to Papa's house and hang out. The morning we left we stopped by Corona Del Mar so Kira could build a sand castle! She and Jacob had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed hanging out on the beach, watching them and enjoying the ocean. As a total non-outdoorsey type girl, there really is something about the ocean and the waves that I love (as long as I'm not swimming in them)

The next weekend, Kira and Jacob were invited to go to a Daddy/Daughter Area 51's game. Kira was SO EXCITED TO SEE A REAL BASEBALL GAME ...... LIVE! (as she put it) and Jacob said they had a TON of fun!!! She got all dressed up and came home with a purple alien. She still talks about it a month later about how I should really go see a REAL BASEBALL GAME ..... LIVE!!! 

At the end of June we got to see the babes. We got to find out the gender and got to see all kinds of parts.  Here is the profile shot. They did a genetics test Ultra sound, apparently there are all kinds of things they can tell from just the ultra sound. So far the babes looks good.... good numbers, good heart structure. Hand up in the face just like Kira. We decided against any further testing, it wasn't worth the money to find out information that would either just drive us crazy for the next 6 months or tell us that babes is just fine.
I have also been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. They are not sure if it's from the pregnancy. My NP doesn't seem to think so, she thinks I had it before and just didn't know about it. I have been put on a diet to help control my blood sugars and except for a couple of spikes, my blood readings have been pretty good (i test 4 times a day) I'm also feeling pretty good so I'm optimistic about things....

Like I said, we got to find out the gender.... They are 80% sure it's a ..........................BOY!!!! 

We are super excited and can't wait for him to get here! We don't need to much, just a couple of things here and there. Mostly,we need clothes .... so ya know if you have any ..... we could use them.... (kidding)

And lastly, a picture of my Boppa feeding her daddy some frozen strawberry lemonade.... this is a common occurrence in our family lately as we sit down and watch Jeopardy every night. Just something I want to remember in years to come!

SO, that was our month of June and as it's the end of July now I guess i should pull some stuff together for that soon too!

'til next time!