Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great grandparents

We spent the first part of April in Utah. Jacob really wanted to go to his mission reunion...

he figured it was time since he has been back about 8 years has NEVER been to one. I also really wanted to see Brett, I had not seen him since Kira was 3 months old so it was time she finally got to meet her Uncle Brett.
We had a good time. We celebrated Brett's birthday with a diiner made my yours truely (no picture though) and a Cheesecake Bake - off (no pictures of that either) which i TOTALLY LOST 1 vote to 5! (Jacob was the only one who voted for me and he thought he we voting for Brett) Next time we are thinking of doing a chocolate cake bake-off... which should be fun. Hanni(my sister) and Scott(my brother) want to participate too! Only problem would be to find people to vote!!!
On Sunday morning, before our grand dinner of stuffed shells and garlic bread, Jacob, Kira and I drove down to K-town (Kearns) to hang with Great Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.
Kira LOVED Grandma Anderson right away and they had a great time talking with one another. We had a good lunch of roast and with all the fixins and watched the 2nd session of Sunday conference.

It was a pretty ok trip over all, ran into some snow which was not fun but it was good to see Brett and Hanni's Family and Scott and Nik too.
We also took family pictures which turned out wonderfully,(THANKS CAT) but I won't post them yet, they still need to be cleaned up so stay tuned....

On the way home we stopped for a little break at Cove Fort, it was a good chance to get out of the car and walk around for a little while. Kira had fun on the stairs of course!!! But it was fun to see the history of the place and sort of see what life was like for them (I have been reading the Work and the Glory and even though the fort was built a little later than that I still got a sense of how those people lived... I'm not sure I could have done without a t.v.)

Easter weekend was fun, we went to the Viva Las Vegas car show as we do every year! It was a little bit different this year... no long car ride, no hotel rooms, (so I guess different means cheaper). Kira's "god-father" Henry and his daugher came up and spent the day with us. (I don't actually have any car pictures because Jacob took them all on his film camera)

Easter Sunday, we had a quiet day. Jacob make Cafe Rio pork and Bajio rice... it was very good! (sorry no pictures) Well... hope everyone is doing well. We will most likely be in California again in July for Dallin's baptism and are contemplating another trip to Utah in the summer (we'll see how things pan out)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is a not so long ago flash back - but then again - it's been 9 years! I LOVE this picture of me, taken by Korie I do believe, for so many reasons!
This picture was taken on the train from Glouster to London. It was NOT a short trip but we had a good day. This picture reminds me of that trip, it was such a FUN trip... I miss that sweater, I lost it at Diseyland I think a few weeks later.
I like the lighting and just the low key way I'm sitting....
Thanks Korie, for taking such a great picture

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

We recently had Jacob's favorite companion come and stay with us for a night while they were on their way to Utah. Neither of them had really been to Vegas so we took them on what I believe to be the best part of the free Vegas... the Bellagio Gardens and their "Dancing Fountains".
Here are a couple of pictures from that fun night...

Kira had a great time listening to the music playing between the fountain shows but kept saying "No" whenever she looked at the water. Funny what a 19 month old does.