Monday, May 24, 2010

Disneyland and the rest of our weekend (pic heavy)


We had SO much fun! We got tons of pictures and lots to share. We left Vegas on Friday and headed down to Newport Beach, to stay with my Aunt (AKA Auntie M!) We got to Newport Beach at about 10 talked for a little bit and went straight to bed.
We woke up around 7:30 and started to get ready. We had breakfast and had our hair braided and off we went.

We didn't get going as early as we wanted to but we did ok. We headed up to Disneyland and waited.... waited for parking ($14 bucks thankyouverymuch) and then waited for the tram and bought our tickets and then of to California Adventure we went.

We headed straight to our traditional 1st stop... The mission tortilla factory. For the 1st time in over 8 years they had the corn tortilla machine running. We had never had that before! Then off to Bugs Life Land. As we entered that area, Chip and Dale were waiting for people to come and say Hello.... so we did!

Kira loved them and did great with the characters.

She was all excited to go on the Ladybug Boogie.... somewhat like the tea-cups .... then once they started moving we got......

This face... She did not like it.... I have to say that if I had to choose between the tea-cups and the Ladybug boogie I would do the teacups. At least there is a little control on the teacups.
We did some other rides at CA Adventure and then headed off to meet Gram Gram and Papa Mike.

but not without stopping to see Jasmine and Aladdin

Here we are with Papa Mike and Gram Gram... we decided to go head over to Mickey's house.

Here is Gram Gram taking Kira into Mickey's house..

Mickey's House is so fun... lots of things to touch and sit on

and to look at.

And here he is.... she was very excited!!

And then if was off to see the princesses.... it was a little bit of a wait but Kira got to see Minnie Mouse!!! .....

and jasmine again

and Belle

Then it was off to lunch at the River Belle Terrace. After lunch we went to ride Winnie the Pooh and then got to meet him and Tigger too!

Then it was off to the Jungle Cruise. Kira was VERY excited to ride in a boat and loved all the animals.

Then it was off to go buy Kira her Mouse Ears Hat....We let her pick out which one she wanted and she choose Minnie Mouse.

We put her name on it AND

She got her ears! And was very happy with them too!
Then it was off to the other side of the park to do Nemo and Autopia
She liked the idea of going on a submarine (just like the Backyardigans Mom Mom!)

She like the submarine most of the time. She like seeing Nemo and his friends. She wasn't too fond of the dark parts but was happy again by the end.

Then it was off to Autopia... SHE LOVED IT!!! She got to "drive" and she was so excited that she talked about it for the rest of the day. She drove a green car, Daddy drove a green car. Gram Gram drove an Orange car and Papa Mike drove a brown car... and she got to drive and it goes like this (insert arm motions here) and ... and... and... and!!!

Then off we went to take Kira to GramGram and Papa Mike's car so Jacob and I could have a little bit of a date night. We went back to California Adventures. Most of our favorites are there and it was less busy. If Splash Mountain would have been open we would have gone there instead...but as it was we hit Soarin' over California (and got good seats) the Roller-coaster, and we went on Toy Story Mania for the first time and it was SUPER fun! I kind of wish we were going back soon so we can do that one again now that we know that you can pull that little plug faster!!! We went back to Disneyland and bought some art (we have a nice little collection of Shaq/Disney art.

Those are the 4 prints we got. They came with some really cool mats and so we are looking for some cool frames to go with them.

On Sunday we went to go see my grandma GG and give her her belated Mother's Day gift. And then we headed off to the Andersons house for a good ham lunch and some time with family before we rushed home (not really) to see the last LOST!

Kira with her cousins and Grandpa.

Still unclear about LOST but I'm not unhappy with it like I was with the Sopranos.
We had lots of fun on this really really quick trip and are about 98% sure we'll be back down soon for a wedding so there will be more fun things to report soon
'til next time....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo Shot and other things

This past Sunday we drove down to Lake Las Vegas with the Merrill's to do some family pictures for them... well actually Jacob did them. I just watched and tried to get their twins to look at the camera. Kira, of course, came along for the ride and wanted to take some pictures too!
Looking at these pictures it becomes more and more clear to me that she's really not a baby anymore. It may be still a secret to some that I had a really difficult time of it after I had Kira. There were A LOT of changes going on, my birthing experience wasn't what I wanted it to be and Kira didn't sleep very well after she started teething. And when I was in the "middle" of it, I felt as though it was going to go on forever! Now I am amazed at least once a day at what comes out of her mouth, or something she does. I feel lucky that she is my daughter and that I get loves and cuddles and smiles etc.

So the STATS on Kira are:
She's just over 3 feet tall now
She's just under 30 lbs
She loves Elmo, Curious George, the Care Bears, and most of the playhouse Disney cartoons
She loves to talk on the phone especially to Gram Gram and Grandma Jetta, she loves to go to the park, go to nursery, dance class, and back seat driving.
She loves yogurt, fruit snacks, mac & cheese, chicken, apples and bananas.
Favorite quotes recently: "That looks like that stinks", Yes-woof (when she pretends to be a dog).

This is her ang-E face. (Ang-e is short for Angry.... it's Wade's fault)
She is not afraid to show us how she is feeling about things. If she's mad then she's mad... here she's upset that I'm not letting her walk too far away from me. If she's happy she's happy! and often tells me so!

(Preview Merrill's )
Kira was a little upset that the Merrill's were getting so much camera time. It's usually her that gets the camera time so she wanted in on the action!
I am constantly surprised and feel incredibly blessed that the Lord saw fit to add Kira to our family. As difficult as motherhood has been for me I thank Him everyday for being able to become Kira's Mom Mom. She is wonderful, fun, sweet, funny, stubborn, active, smart, tiring, and strong, but most of all she is LOVE!!!

We head to Disneyland this weekend so stay tuned for those pictures.... I can't wait!