Monday, January 25, 2010

End of January Update

There was not too much happening the last part of January for us. My friend Korie and my Mom came up for a crafting weekend that kind of went bust as I got sick and spent Saturday morning puking up dinner (NO ANNOUNCEMENT, I WAS JUST SICK)
Anyway, Kira and have spent the rest of the month going to the Library on Mondays, running errands during the week and for the past week pretty much staying inside because of the rain. Kira has decided that she doesn't like the rain and won't go out if she has a choice.
Kira is keeping busy and surprises me every day with the stuff she comes up with. Like stepping on a stool and saying, "Look Mom Mom, I'm taller!"... I mean who taught her that?
She still loves to count and loves Maisy books right now. We can't leave the library without one.

Next month, Tennille is finishing up and actually putting on her first Blue & Gold Banquet, and a trip down to Cali maybe in the works for us.... no promises though.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flashback Friday

So I had a hard time with today's Flashback Friday until I was going through some pictures yesterday... check this out....

This is my grandma and grandpa with my uncle in the 50s sometime... Aren't they just the epitome of cool?! I certainly think so! I LOVE his glasses and my grandma's shorts! So cute!

Have a great weekend!

This and That

There is not too much going on over here in the Anderson house. Just hanging out. My mom and friend Korie are coming up for the weekend so we can craft our little hearts out... or our fingers off, which ever comes first.

We do however have some pretty great pictures to share of Kira. She is growing like a weed and is too funny most days. She is DEFINITELY 2 and shows it often! She is very demanding and opinionated. She often tells Mom Mom and Daddy NOT to sing in the car and is always pointing out trucks(she calls them all Macs from Cars),

motorcyles, and airplanes to us. She will often tell me that she has been on a plane before (we went to Cali in October) and when I ask her who we went to see she remembers right away that it was Auntie "M" and GG and Maggie!

She has learned a new word, though she's not quite sure how to use it. We were driving home from the Library Monday and she asked me to reach for something in the back seat. She said, MOM MOM HELP! I CAN'T REACH IT!" And I said, "But Kira, I can't reach it either" and she said "You can't reach it eve-r?" And I said "Nope". About an hour later once we were home she came running to me and said, "Mom Mom, I can't find my blankie eve-r!" And she has said it a couple times since. It's pretty funny!

Couple of other things, she loves nursery at church and is now the 2nd oldest in there (a little scary ... she will be in sunbeams next January... where does the time go?) She is my greatest challege and greatest joy, it's like that saying; "Gotta take the good with the bad"... well there is a whole lot of good that comes with the tantrums and her general contrary-ness.
Enjoy the pictures and I'll try to do another update soon!

Kira trying on Mom Moms make-up
She a super ninja-summoning the powers of Elmo

Her "CHEESE" smile. At Shelly and Ryan's house this past weekend

At the park New Years Eve!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Flashback Friday

The first Flashback Friday of the New Year.... so I better make it a good one huh?
How about some inspiration for my weight loss goals this year. It's time to get healthy... I have things to do this year!!!

I'm pretty sure I'll never be this skinny again but one can dream right?

BUT I could stand to be all these skinnys ......

Around 2002. In Ohio. When I took Jacob to meet my family

At Jesse's wedding, April 2004

In London, (obviously) whatever year Ad'z and Jo got married. 2002?

So.... here is my inspiration for my weight loss journey. Wish me luck!