Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday Flashback...

Seems to be all I do nowadays but I wanted to do a Friday Flashback to honor our own little Kira who is turning 2 on Sunday... It's amazing how quickly time flies by!

I'm going to take a minute and brag about my little girl... who I love so much. She is such an example to us... the other day we got ready to eat dinner and she folded her arms and said "Prayers". So now we pray at night before she goes to sleep and before we eat. (I was taking the prayer and FHE thing one at a time as she is old enough to handle each one)

She helps me set the table everynight. She puts all the plates in our spots and forks and all! She loves to "help" Mom Mom with the laundry and is great to have around when the dishes are ready to be put away. I can and can't wait to see her change as she grows up... I'm excitied to see who she will become but I am loving this time when she can interact with us.

So here is Miss Kira's life in review (well some of my favorite pictures anyway)... We love you sweet girl and your daddy and I are so glad you came into our lives.

One of our first glimpes of Kira

Getting held by daddy in the hospital

On her first day home, GramJan helped with her first bath

Chillin' on the couch, her first day home, happy to be home

On her way to her first carshow.... so exciting!

At her blessing party with her daddy and her "Godfather" Henry

Waiting for her close-up at 6 weeks.

At the aquriam of the pacific. About 6 months or so.

At around 9 month.

Enjoying her first birthday cupcake

Crashing on GramJan on at her first birthday party

Hanging out. She was about 8 months here.

Recent family picture

Kira now, Happy Birthday, Sweet baby. We love you!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Going Private

After thinking about this a while, I have decided to go private with my blog. If you are interested in keeping up with Kira and her antics, please email me your email address to

I'm thinking my deadline will be September the 4th. I'll go ahead and send emails to those I know.
Hope to hear from you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Flashback Friday Time.... (Picture Heavy)

But you must then scroll down and read the details of our Utah Trip.....

One of my favorite comedians... Mitch Hedberg tells this joke... it goes something like this....

One time, this guy handed me a picture of him, he said,"Here's a picture of me when I was younger." Every picture is of you when you were younger. "Here's a picture of me when I'm older." "You son-of-a-bi*&#h! How'd you pull that off? Lemme see that camera... what's it look like? "
I don't know why that came to me today... but I think it was because one of the things I love about Flashback Fridays is that everything is technically a Flashback..... otherwise it would be like a preview into the future.... Anyway, my topic of choice this week is: Family Pictures

My parent's weren't the kind that drug us into church every year and had our family picture taken but we do have some random family groupings that are kind of fun, so I thought I would share some....

I'm going to guess this was early 1985, based on how old Scott is....

Hanging out in the house in Perris

This was taken October of 2006. We have since added Mikey, Kira and Tatiana to the clan.

Hanni's Wedding in 2001

In Windsor 1994ish?

At my wedding in 2004. That was everyone, including my Uncle Dave (he will resurface later)

The 4 of us in Afrika, My mom made everyone's pajamas but mine... because at 10 or 11, I was too cool for home made pajamas... She did make me a pretty awesome Mickey Mouse jacket that I loved though!

Easter at my Grandmas house.... I love Brett's face

On the way to Uncle Dave's wedding. I remember feeling like such a grown-up in that outfit... (I did have panty-hose on ) Scott stayed at my grandma's and played and was spoiled all day. I don't know how he got out of that one :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Utah Trip

At the beginning of August my mom, Kira and I headed up to Utah to be ther efor the birth of my niece Tatiana. We stayed for 6 days, got to hang out with family and friend (and I got to see Cat & Jack for about an hour and a half)

Tatiana joined us August 3rd a little after noon. It was an easy delivery and Hanni and the baby did just fine. Kira got to hold her first baby...

She was excited to see that the baby had a binky just like her! Kira was very good at making sure the baby had her binky in her mouth at all times!
Kira also got to play with her cousin Mikey, he's 4 months older than her and boy did they have a good time!

They played very well together, followed each other around and even though they "yelled" at each other in their 2 year old language they never hit or shoved or anything. One of my favorite times of seeing them together was when we were driving the boys back to the hospital after taking care of them for the day. Kira, who LOVES drinking out of water bottles shared hers with Mikey and they just took a sip, passed it to the other over and over until the water was fighting no whining... it was so great to see!
She loved playing with the caks (cats) and called them all "Bunny"(my mom's cat is Benny)
One of the days, Uncle "Butt"(Brett) and I took Austin, Mikey and Kira to the park. The kids all had a great time! He is such a good uncle, fun but stern when he needs to be... I can't wait to see him become a dad... someday.

On Thursday my mom and I went "antiqueing" down 25th street. It's a fun little street in Ogden. We ate lunch at Great Harvest. I had a really good sandwich and the three of us had a really good day, relaxing from the busy week and catching up.

I had to take this picture, 'cause only in Utah would there be church magazines at a resturant!
It was a good trip... too long to be away from Jacob though. He was truly missed. Our summer travels aren't quite over with yet, so there will be a few more interesting posts to come. At least 1 trip to Cali in September to attend a friends wedding and we may or may not be making it up to Utah again.
I can't believe Kira turns two in 2 weeks... where does the time go... but to answer everyone's buring question... there will be no new baby in the works anytime soon.
Love to you all!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Flashback Friday

It was 12 years ago today that these pictures were taken. We had just gotten home from my Mom's birthday dinner and the next day, my dad and I flew off to Seattle where I started life as an adult. It was a rocky start but I learned alot and could not imagine now doing it any other way!