Monday, August 29, 2011

There once was a little girl named Kira

Who was born 4 years ago today,
She brought so many so much happiness
She brought with her lots of smiles
She brought with her lots of energy
She brought with her lots of LOVE!
1 day old

6 weeks old

1 year old

1 year old.

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

Our little girl turns 4 today. It's unbelievable! Time flies - I won't say that it feels like it just happened but it doesn't feel like 4 years. Our Kira has blessed our lives so much, she's fun, and funny and sweet and smart and full of life.

We have a fun day planned with the Winnie the Pooh Movie, some Fro-Yo. Then Del-Taco (Kira's request) and home for cake and presents. I'm excited, Kira is excited, Jacob is excited.... we are all excited.

I could tell about her likes and dislikes. I could tell you about her favorite shows but what is most important is that she loves, she loves with her whole body and her whole soul. She is a good girl who tries to do good. She's totally excited to start school and learn.

Kira, we love you, Boppa. Have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

California - Here we come!!

This past weekend we got to spend some time in California. The reason we went down was our niece turned 8 and was going to be baptized!!! So we left Friday afternoon about 4 and stopped at our beloved Miguel's Jr. for dinner. I'll mention that Kira ordered something other than a chicken taco which was pretty cool ( I like that her menu is expanding a bit)

From there we headed down to Newport Beach to stay with Auntie M, Uncle Bill and Maggie. Kira was very excited to have a "sleep over" at Auntie M's! We got there, hung out for a big and Jacob felt right to sleep. She had FINALLY fallen asleep about a half hour out and it turned out to be the worst moment because she didn't want to sleep once it was time. But eventually we all fell asleep.

Saturday morning we woke up, had some breakfast and Kira and I got a little hair trim. Kira got "JUST A LITTLE BIT" done, I got a little bit of color and a new shape. After Kira got her hair done/did Jacob took her to the beach. They had a great time and I got some "me" time.

Kira and Daddy made a sand castle.

And Kira got to play in the water!

Around 3 o'clock we left for Corona, to attend the baptism of our niece, Kyla. We were so proud of her decision to follow our Heavenly Father and know it's a day she won't be likely to forget.

Here is Kyla and her some of the cousins that were there. I love that they are all friends and enjoy each other's company as much as they do. I talk about it often but I never had cousins growing up and I'm SO glad that Kira does and gets to see them often enough that they are friends.
After the baptism we got to hang out and talk to old friends. We had SO much fun and can't wait to do it again soon!

On Sunday we had a little brunch in Newport Beach. Uncle Bill grilled some burgers and we got to sit, watch the NASCAR race and visit. We also had a little early birthday party for Kira. She got some fantastic gifts and she loves them all!!!

Kira taking silly pictures of Daddy!

Her birthday cake!!

Opening gifts.

After birthday stuff, Kira got to go to the park with Aunties M and Cheryl, while Jacob and I got to go to IKEA. Which was not as successful as I was hoping. Papa, Bruce, Bill and my dad all left for the Costa Mesa Toyota Dealership and my Papa ( my grandpa) is now a proud owner of a 2012 Scion xB in silver (how cool is my grandpa?)

It was once again a VERY VERY VERY quick trip. We are really hoping we get to go down and actually spend some time with people.