Friday, November 2, 2012


Well, so far I have been averaging 1 post a month. Could be worse I guess. October has been all about the baby, soccer and Halloween. Little Mr. Anderson is growing and taking up lots of room in the belly! Because of the diabetes, I go to A LOT of doctors appointments and get to see a lot of him. More that I thought possible actually. I get to see his brain, the umbilical cord connection at the placenta and into his little belly, I get to see his heart beat, and hear it too and then I get to see all the little cute parts..... his little mouth, his nose,  his little hands and feet...
The time is flying by and he should be here in about 8 weeks. I can't believe it! I'm wondering if he's going to look like a Winfrey or an Anderson. I'm hoping he will be a good sleeper and I know we will all fall in love with him as soon as we clap eyes on him!

Kira has been playing soccer again this year. We seem to only be able to handle fall season for whatever reason (actually Winter ball is too cold - and summer ball is too hot and I always forget spring - hopefully I'll be able to remember this spring) She LOVES soccer, and has so much fun with it! She likes her new coaches and every Saturday is "A BIG GAME"

She really wants to play goalie but her coaches want her out of the field because she is a great blocker and she can run the ball well. If she would just be less Kira and a little more mean she could actually cut the ball off instead of following it around but she is Kira, and that's what we love about her.

We didn't take many pictures this year for Halloween. But she was Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She got to go to a Halloween party the day before Halloween and for Halloween we went to trunk or treat at the church. She says next year she wants to be a kitty cat. We'll see if she remembers that next October.

Here she is on her way to school, all dressed up!


We also went to out Stake's County Fair. We had tons of fun and Jacob and Kira got to gnosh on some yummy Cotton Candy!!! 

October is also Jacob's birthday month. The big 3 5! We celebrated by eating some yummy pizza and cupcakes and opening presents. Kira also dressed up in her birthday outfit, just for daddy.... I hope he had a lot of fun! I know we love him and hope that his birthday was great!

That's all from us for now. 8 weeks until the Baby get's here! Can't wait!!!

'til next time.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where does the time go?

I swear I just tried to update our blog, but apparently that was like 6 weeks ago.... 
The biggest thing that has happened since last post was the Boppa started Kindergarten. So far she LOVES it, and is excited to go everyday. Except for the question, "What should I wear today"? She's eager to wake up each morning and get ready to go. She's in morning kinder from 9:10 until 11:40  which really isn't that long but it is strangely quiet around here in the mornings. I do try to use the time to enjoy being on my own. I go to the chiro often, then run errands, which go much more quickly on my own. I have even snuck in a pedicure, which is nice. 

Yeap, that's me crying, dropping off my baby at school. Jacob, who was able to go, made fun of me for crying. I of course, blamed the baby and all the extra hormones, but I was a little bit sad to see her go off on her own. I do however have to say how happy it makes me that all I do is walk her to the gate, kiss her goodbye and off she goes, happy as a lark. There have been days when I drop her off and kids are crying for their moms and yelling that they want to go home. I'm so glad she's brave and willing to try new things. 

I love picking her up each day and hearing about her day. She's done really well with her behavior. Always staying at least on the starting color but often going up a level to blue and for two days in a row she bumped up to orange... which is the BESTEST level!

In the beginning of September, we went down to Cali for the last time this year. Jacob's brother Jesse and family came to visit from Taiwan, so cousin pictures had to be done! It was a bit of a struggle organizing them so we ended up a JC Penny, otherwise I would share them. They turned out pretty well and the kids had lots of fun! They loved playing with each other even though some of them can't remember each other. 

Another things we got to do while down there was have a little baby shower for our little babes. It was so great to see family and friends. I had a wonderful time. Thanks Korie and Mom for throwing me a fun shower. I'll post pics when I get them.

We also got to show Kira her new birthday pressie. She was SUPER surprised and loves her new bike (thanks GramJan and Papa Mike) she's still learning how to ride it but only daddy can take her out because I can't really balance her with this big belly.

In other news, the babes is doing well. He kicks A LOT mostly at night. Jacob has been able to feel them but Kira hasn't. She's also not super patient about it either BUT she talks to him every day and is SO EXCITED to see her little brother!!! I have a feeling that he's not going to be left alone much when she's around. I'm 25 weeks now, only 14 weeks to go!! I can't wait to meet this little guy and wonder often if he will look like a Winfrey or an Anderson!

'til next time

Friday, July 27, 2012

An update

It's been a while since we have done an update. Mostly because my camera is broken, it still takes pictures but the batteries keep falling out and it's a pain in the behind to cart around..... but I did get an iphone, which is nice so i can take pretty okay pictures while we are out and about.... Like the ones below.... In the beginning of June, we got to go down to California for my birthday weekend. We were lucky enough to stay with Auntie M and able to go to Papa's house and hang out. The morning we left we stopped by Corona Del Mar so Kira could build a sand castle! She and Jacob had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed hanging out on the beach, watching them and enjoying the ocean. As a total non-outdoorsey type girl, there really is something about the ocean and the waves that I love (as long as I'm not swimming in them)

The next weekend, Kira and Jacob were invited to go to a Daddy/Daughter Area 51's game. Kira was SO EXCITED TO SEE A REAL BASEBALL GAME ...... LIVE! (as she put it) and Jacob said they had a TON of fun!!! She got all dressed up and came home with a purple alien. She still talks about it a month later about how I should really go see a REAL BASEBALL GAME ..... LIVE!!! 

At the end of June we got to see the babes. We got to find out the gender and got to see all kinds of parts.  Here is the profile shot. They did a genetics test Ultra sound, apparently there are all kinds of things they can tell from just the ultra sound. So far the babes looks good.... good numbers, good heart structure. Hand up in the face just like Kira. We decided against any further testing, it wasn't worth the money to find out information that would either just drive us crazy for the next 6 months or tell us that babes is just fine.
I have also been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. They are not sure if it's from the pregnancy. My NP doesn't seem to think so, she thinks I had it before and just didn't know about it. I have been put on a diet to help control my blood sugars and except for a couple of spikes, my blood readings have been pretty good (i test 4 times a day) I'm also feeling pretty good so I'm optimistic about things....

Like I said, we got to find out the gender.... They are 80% sure it's a ..........................BOY!!!! 

We are super excited and can't wait for him to get here! We don't need to much, just a couple of things here and there. Mostly,we need clothes .... so ya know if you have any ..... we could use them.... (kidding)

And lastly, a picture of my Boppa feeding her daddy some frozen strawberry lemonade.... this is a common occurrence in our family lately as we sit down and watch Jeopardy every night. Just something I want to remember in years to come!

SO, that was our month of June and as it's the end of July now I guess i should pull some stuff together for that soon too!

'til next time!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's true - I haven't posted in a while...

To be honest - there just isn't that much stuff going on. BUT I thought I would go through some highlights of the past couple of months.... in no particular order - because well... my memory is just NOT that good....

*  Spent a couple of hours with high-school friend and kids at the Shark Reef.

      Kira LOVES the Shark Reef - she has always liked it. So when an old friend facebook'd me a message              and said - we're in town and want to hang out what do you want to do - I recommended the Shark Reef (after     a conversation about the park - but it was HOT outside - so we stayed inside) The week before, her pre-school class took a field trip there and so she learned a lot of new things and was more than happy to share with her new friends.

*I chopped off my hair - I have been wanting to do it for a while - I remember a time when long hair was ALL i wanted. Growing up I always had short hair, it wasn't until I was old enough to take care of it myself that my mom allowed us to grow our hair out. Since then it's been super SUPER short, bobbed, shoulder length and longer - I have SUPER thick hair and it just gets to be too much for me to handle so I went from this......

To this... I love it. (Jacob doesn't but thats okay) It's longer now because it's been almost 8 weeks. I'll wait to get it trimmed until we are in Cali I think. 

What I had forgotten is how curly it is when it's not weighed down.... so below is au' naturel .... or what it looks like before I take a straightener to it..... 

*The best $13.00 I ever spent on Kira was these blocks. I bought them for her 2nd Christmas and she plays with them more now than ever. EVERYDAY (and I mean everyday) she takes a part and builds a new castle... and then sometimes tests the strength by kicking her soccer ball into it.... SO fun! 

* Kira got a visit from the Easter Bunny and left her a VERY happy girl! A new purple polka-dot dress, some new jewelry, something to color, some peeps and a bit of chocolate! After some relaxation and church, we invited our friends the Merrill's over for dinner. Jacob make a yummy brisket (his first) and he and I worked on the rest. Even though most everything was from a box or can, it turned out pretty good. Especially by the addition of some Leatherneck BBQ sauce

* We all went to a mini car show at Tommy Rockers - This was Kira's favorite car (because it's sparkly and purple) It was fun to hang out together on a Saturday afternoon. 

* Kira and Jacob went to the Viva Las Vegas Car Show - Background - Jacob and I have been going to Viva since we started dating (started dating in November, went that first April) a couple of years they started to charge and while I still can't find the rationalization for how MUCH they charge I have missed the last 2 or 3... BUT, Kira is free until she's 14 so Jacob and Kira have gone the last couple of years! And they have a great time! 

Here she is in her outfit for the Car Show - new dress, new shoes... her hat! She was SO excited to spend the day with her daddy! 

*Oh and if you haven't noticed Jacob shaved all of his facial hair. He's working on a new project and it was a requirement. He looks like I remember him and I for one enjoy it. Kira's not sure and it's funny to hear what people have said about it. He started growing out his beard when we moved to Vegas so people at church only really knew him with it. I got a text from a friend of mine the other day and told me when she first saw him she only realized it was him because he dropped Kira off at a party. If it wasn't for Kira she wouldn't have known who he was...... haha!

*And lastly, I started Weight Watchers in January. As of last check-in I have lost 11 pounds and a total of 17.5 inches off my body. It feels good but I still have a lot to do. The point was to lose enough so that I could get pregnant naturally.... (i.e without clomid or some other fertility) and while I can't attest to whether that has worked yet or not - I can tell you that even those 11 lbs (5% of my body weight) has really made a difference in my life. I feel better, and my body likes the weight off..... without getting into too much detail - my cycles are more regular so it looks like I'm heading in the right direction!!!  I did Weight Watchers YEARS ago ( like 10 or so) with some friends and lost 15 lbs then and kept it off until I got married so now I'm hoping to lose more and KEEP it OFF!!! 

So that's been our spring. I'll try to keep things a little more updated from now on. We're looking forward to a fun summer. Hopefully including a trip to Utah, a mini trip to Cali AND Tennille get's to go to girls camp this year with her Young Women...... so stay tuned!

Monday, April 2, 2012


* marry a handsome guy with an accent from a far away land ... INSTEAD I married a handsome Texas born California guy who can't understand accents, but understands me .... and that makes me happy!

* have 4 kids, 2 boys/2 girls, name them Abigail, Gavin, Anika and Noah and they were going to be perfect and beautiful, smart and fun.... INSTEAD I have 1 beautiful little girl who is smart and fun and challenges me everyday but also teaches me something everyday and that makes me happy!

* travel all over the world, England, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Japan, Belarus, Hawaii .... INSTEAD I have lived some pretty fun places and visited England twice since leaving and while I still have dreams of travelling the world what I have been able to see, makes me happy!

* Be a lawyer or a teacher, or an interior designer, or all 3 at once. INSTEAD I stay at home with my beautiful baby and have witnessed and have been a part of (*almost*) every single day of her life and that makes me happy! 

*Be rich, have a beautiful house, with beautiful furniture, wood floors, 5 bedrooms, a craft room, a garage with every tool for my foreign husband to work on my 64 1/2 mustang convertible (in yellow) INSTEAD... we still rent, 8 years(well almost) after marriage, we still rent, a house I don't like, that isn't mine, that has gross carpet and while that doesn't make me happy - what DOES make me happy is we can afford a place to live, a place for my baby to grow up in, to run around in, to make messes in..... and all those things, make. me. happy. 

What I'm trying to say is that while my life isn't what I *thought* I wanted, it's a life that I LOVE! I'm thankful for it, I'm thankful to the LORD for it and while I know I'm not done. I have many years to still do these things that I was "GONNA DO" right now, I'm content. Right now, I'm Dela. And THAT makes me HAPPY!!! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things happening in the Anderson House

Life keeps on plugging along over here at the Anderson House. Lately, Kira has been working on her writing skills. I usually give her some examples and she repeats them on her own. It's great practice as she enjoys it.  This little easel she got from Great-Uncle Bruce and Auntie Cheryl  has been fantastic! She LOVES it and draws on it everyday. Here she is practicing her numbers. Numbers are kind of confusing so we were working on them this week.... 

And her results........ 

We  also did some sight words that she has been working on in pre-school. She focuses really hard and is doing such a fantastic job. She is really looking forward to school! We don't have her enrolled anywhere yet because we are waiting to see where we will be living. But once we know - we'll get her all set up.

Last Friday Kira and I went to the Shark Reef. I'm really glad we bought the pass. We both enjoy it alot. It's not very big and we get through it kind of quickly but it's still fun to see all the fish and enjoy them. My favorite fish is no longer there but there are still a lot of great things to see. Kira took all of these pictures so this is the Shark Reef from her angle. 

Her favorite part of the Shark Reef is the glass floor. It's funny to see adults so freaked out by it but Kira LOVES it. She runs across it, stands on top of it wishing for a fish to swim by. The fish don't really seem to like it down there but that doesn't really deter Kira from checking it out.

Here is a stuffed turtle she really liked!

Another picture from Kira .... Team Umizoomi. She loves to take pictures (I have NO idea where she get's that from at all, she said with an eye roll) and so for Kira, it doesn't matter what the subject is. So when I look at the pictures on my camera, I often see cartoons... 

And us... after dinner one night. She was adamant about getting a picture of me and Jacob together.... 

And Boppa, it's always so fun to see what she's coming down in sometimes. It's always some hair accessory or one of her princess dresses or a mix of her princess stuff. Today she is wearing a pair of jeans with a skort over them because she wanted to wear a tutu.......... LOVE IT! I don't really dress her anymore. I mean I haven't dressed her in years but I also don't pick out what she's wearing anymore either. I do have some say because I get to pick out clothes at the store but she get's to pick what she wears each day. She's looking forward to the warmer weather so that she can start wearing shorts and skirts again without tights.... Total Nevada girl... doesn't like the cold! 

And lastly a little something about what I have been up to. I went on a search to find a coat for a friend of mine that is moving to a colder climate. I was SURE I kept it when I passed some clothes on to my sister. And I was SURE I knew what box it was in. Well I was wrong. My sister does have it. I'll get her to mail it to me soon BUT as I went from box to box to box I realized I should have a better way of storing this stuff, especially because I read that cockroaches can eat through cardboard and clothes. So I rant o Target, bought 4 tubs and got all these boxes into four 18gallon tubs! It cleared A LOT of space in the garage and I'm pretty happy with it, knowing these clothes are a little safer.

Well, that's all from us for now. We hope you guys have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day. Even though I don't really celebrate it!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's up with us

Actually not much, which is why I haven't written in a while. Things here are going on in a little holding pattern.... Preschool 2 days a week, Jacob is working in Cali at the mine, just past state line. I'm doing Young Women stuff. Life is.... ya know going....
So I thought I would just talk about some pictures we have been taking lately.....  Here is a new hair style we tried on Kira a couple of weeks ago... her hair is LONG... super LONG!!! And it has to be done So we are trying new things..... This one didn't stay in very long but she liked it. I think I need to get better bobby pins.....

This is a picture of one of Kira's favorite shows, the Backyardigans... but it is ALSO a picture of my picture wall. I finally did it when I realized we were going to stay here and it was worth doing.... only to realize a month later that we're probably NOT going to stay in this house.... it's a long story and there are a lot of factors but we're looking into the possibility of buying. It's not 100% yet but we are starting the search and looking into all of our finance options. 

So, I'm sure you have heard of pinterest.... I know I enjoy it. A couple of weeks ago I decided to try something I pinned --- Our fridge was getting kinda gross, so I thought since I'm going to clean it, I'm going to REALLY clean it and so with my laptop playing Doc Martin on netflix I attacked it.... and I mean ATTACKED it!!! I took it ALL apart, cleaned every part of it. Took apart every part of it and then added the cling film. I LOVE it. I love how festive it is every time I have to go in the fridge.... I love that when it comes time to clean the fridge again, all I have to do is pull off the film and put on a new layer of it and go.......

Here is a picture of Jacob and Kira on February 1st. This year I had fun doing 14 days of Valentines. They each got a little something special every day.... Nothing too fancy, just a little something cute to make their days better..... AND notice Jacob's beard, or lack there of. He had to shave it for work at the mine. He did it in steps, first a goatee, the just a mustache {that looked like it was from the 1980s} and then finally the mustache.... It's kinda weird for me and Kira since she has really only ever known him with a beard/facial hair. It's still waiting to be determined if the beard is coming back... I'm guessing yes. I think the benefits outweigh the negatives on this one........ 

That's about all that's going on here. Kira is loving school! She LOVES school! Jacob is enjoying his work still... which is good. I working on focusing on my Weight Watchers (down 7.2 lbs in 7 weeks) and I have some craft type things that need to be finished so I'm working on that stuff too.
Still no news on the baby front. I have had to change doctors so hopefully I can get into see them and work on getting a baby to join our family......

Next post... hopefully soon.... about ?
till then