Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where does the time go?

I swear I just tried to update our blog, but apparently that was like 6 weeks ago.... 
The biggest thing that has happened since last post was the Boppa started Kindergarten. So far she LOVES it, and is excited to go everyday. Except for the question, "What should I wear today"? She's eager to wake up each morning and get ready to go. She's in morning kinder from 9:10 until 11:40  which really isn't that long but it is strangely quiet around here in the mornings. I do try to use the time to enjoy being on my own. I go to the chiro often, then run errands, which go much more quickly on my own. I have even snuck in a pedicure, which is nice. 

Yeap, that's me crying, dropping off my baby at school. Jacob, who was able to go, made fun of me for crying. I of course, blamed the baby and all the extra hormones, but I was a little bit sad to see her go off on her own. I do however have to say how happy it makes me that all I do is walk her to the gate, kiss her goodbye and off she goes, happy as a lark. There have been days when I drop her off and kids are crying for their moms and yelling that they want to go home. I'm so glad she's brave and willing to try new things. 

I love picking her up each day and hearing about her day. She's done really well with her behavior. Always staying at least on the starting color but often going up a level to blue and for two days in a row she bumped up to orange... which is the BESTEST level!

In the beginning of September, we went down to Cali for the last time this year. Jacob's brother Jesse and family came to visit from Taiwan, so cousin pictures had to be done! It was a bit of a struggle organizing them so we ended up a JC Penny, otherwise I would share them. They turned out pretty well and the kids had lots of fun! They loved playing with each other even though some of them can't remember each other. 

Another things we got to do while down there was have a little baby shower for our little babes. It was so great to see family and friends. I had a wonderful time. Thanks Korie and Mom for throwing me a fun shower. I'll post pics when I get them.

We also got to show Kira her new birthday pressie. She was SUPER surprised and loves her new bike (thanks GramJan and Papa Mike) she's still learning how to ride it but only daddy can take her out because I can't really balance her with this big belly.

In other news, the babes is doing well. He kicks A LOT mostly at night. Jacob has been able to feel them but Kira hasn't. She's also not super patient about it either BUT she talks to him every day and is SO EXCITED to see her little brother!!! I have a feeling that he's not going to be left alone much when she's around. I'm 25 weeks now, only 14 weeks to go!! I can't wait to meet this little guy and wonder often if he will look like a Winfrey or an Anderson!

'til next time