Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just saying .....

SO I have been enjoying Project Runway since it changed over to Lifetime. I had heard a lot about it and wished that I had Bravo... now it's on Lifetime and even though some people don't like it as well since it's move, it's fun!

BUT this season I'm annoyed by Heidi Klum's contradictory fashion sense. She's judging people's designs and clothes with this haircut......


Now, I realize I have as much fashion sense as ...... well.... a 60 year old Mormon Woman BUT REALLY HEIDI? The Dorthy Hammell, Toni Tennille Haircut has .. GOT... TO ....GO!!!
...just sayin'

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kira's 3 and other late stuff

Kira turned 3... almost 2 months ago now... (SO late getting this but we have had computer problems and since I only blog off the desktop it's been a while coming)

She was VERY excited. We did an impromptu party with just a few friends (the only other kids there were Grayson and Sully who were 9 months and Trevor who was 10 months) We spent the day making cupcakes, shopping for a few decorations, cleaning the house and then waiting for friends to head over. We had cheese stuffed crust Pizza Hut Pizza (mmmmm) salad and cake... SUPER SIMPLE but a ton of fun.

Kira got some great things for her birthday but her favorite by far was the skateboard from GramJan and the Helmet that Jacob and I bought her to go with it. She tries to skate in our kitchen and ALWAYS wears her helmet! It's hard to believe that she's 3 already since time has just flown by!

Pretty soon she will be in actual Primary and NOT Nursery (which she is protesting a little bit) She is funny and stubborn and cute and smart.

Lately one of her favorite things to do is to tell stories about something that just happened and Usually starts these stories with, "REMEMBER?" She loves to sing and count and color and dress up. She can't wait to be Ariel for Halloween! She often get's out of trouble by saying, "But Moooommmmmm, I need a cuddle!" or "It's not okay to hit BUT it's okay to tickle right"?
Sometimes it's really hard to discipline her because she just so darn cute about it.
The potty training is going well and we have had very little accidents as of late. She asks every night before bed where we are going tomorrow and love to be out and looking around.

I just wanted to share this picture... she's actually sleeping here...

sometimes kids just amaze me

Also wanted to share these video of her singing with Lilac her little pony.... she's so funny!

I know the lighting isn't great but you can hear her which is all that really matters right?

Next entry should be about Uncle Butt and Aunt Amy's wedding here in Las Vegas... what a great day! 'til then....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


September was a pretty crazy month for us! As you can see by my last post. I wanted to finish up with our September adventure.

On the third weekend down we get to attend the beautiful wedding of our friends Danielle and Mike. It was a wonderful ceremony. Jacob and I took a quick picture of them to finish out our wedding gift to them.(Wish I would have gotten a picture of it) and ran to Sam's Club to try to get it printed. We needed an 11x14. We put in the order then checked to see what time it would be ready (we wanted to make it to the reception on time)and the Placentia Sam's Machine was broken... so we ran to Jacob's parent's house and I ordered one online for 1 hour photo, got Kira dressed for the reception and off we went to the Sam's Club in Stanton. Jacob ran in and I got a text that the order had not going through.... (UGH!) but the guy told Jacob that he wasn't busy and it would be 10 minutes. So Kira and I ran to CVS to buy some ribbon and a card, drove back to pick up Jacob and off we went. The reception was so fun, they had a live band and great music.

Kira danced all night and we had a great time.
Sunday we spent at my sister and brother in-laws. I made the second part of dinner, Swedish Meatballs. (My mother-in-law mixed the meatballs for me). Kira got to play with her cousins who are all growing up SO fast!!!

The next on Friday, we hit the Henderson Car Show, the weather was good ( a little warm I thought)and we had a great time walking around looking at all the cool cars. At about 4 we walked over to our friends, Ryan and Shelly's and had a "fakesgiving dinner" (just like thanksgiving but in September) and it was great!! Then we all walked back to the car show, although Jacob, Kira and I had to leave after about 45 minutes to get me to the airport so I could fly to Salt Lake.
Grayson and Sullivan (Shelly and Ryan's boys) at their first car show.

Kira taking her pony out

On Saturday morning, I was blessed to be able to go to the Ogden Temple with my little Brother to take out his endowments, (for those of the LDS faith, this just means we went to the temple to be there while Brett made covenants with his Heavenly Father) It was an awesome experience and I'm SO glad I was able to be there! I flew home that night so we could make it to church at least ONCE in the month of September. Uncle "Butt" Brett is getting married here in Vegas on the 20th at the Temple here and we are just so excited!!! We love Amy and can't wait for them to enjoy their lives together. Next post will probably be their wedding, since school and retarded computers are making blogging life frustrating... Until then!