Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Freda Allene Winfrey

Freda Allene (Bilke) Winfrey
Born :June 3rd 1930
Died: June 21 2010

Up until I was 18 (1998), I had 2 grandma's, 2 grandpas and 2 great-grandmas and a great-grandpa. And we were close to ALL of them except 1 of the great-grandmas that lived in Kansas. Being the only grandchildren (there were 4 of us) on BOTH sides of the family until I was 17 had it's perks. I have been blessed to have had so much love from all of them, and to have known them all.
Yesterday, my grandma died, my father's mother and probably the one I was closest to. I moved in with her and my grandpa on January 1st 1998 after moving down from Seattle where I had been living for 5 months with my Aunt, and before that from Ohio, where I graduated high-school from but hated... with a passion. They took me in, gave me a room, fed me, clothed me at times and were SO patient with me. I was 18, so young, and had some maturing to do.
My grandma helped with school, the place where she went everyday for 26 years. She was supportive of my church activities and welcomed my friends into her home whole heartedly. She was quick to give me a couple bucks here and there and we went on the greatest shopping adventures. This one time we were walking through Macy's and I saw a shirt I.just.had.to.have. and she asked me if I was going to try it on and I said "No!, it will fit." And she said quite loudly while walking across the juniors department, "Well Toni, (my nickname) I think you should.. your boobies are awfully big!"

She had a rough childhood, life in the 30's weren't good for anyone, especially in Kansas. She was on the drill team in high-school and meet my grandpa there.

(she's the 2nd one in)

I don't know how they got together, grandpa or Papa as we call him says, "She just told me what time to show up for the wedding and I was there"

Then my grandpa was drafted, as most men were and he went off to Arkansas for basic. She joined him there not too much after with their first son, Bruce.

My grandpa and grandma love to tell the story about how she had decided one day to make him is favorite dessert, Tapioca Pudding. So she pulls out her recipe book and goes to town with it. She put's all the ingredients in and starts stirring and is frustrated because it's not turning out they was she thinks it should, so she throws it out and starts another. My papa walks in after work and she's in the kitchen stirring away and crying. He asks her what's wrong and she says, "I can't get the lumps out of this stuff!"

They eventually moved to California, where papa began to drive truck and grams stayed home with her kids. They had my Dad and his twin, Michelle in February of 1955 and she worked hard to be the best mom she could be.

I love this picture, they were going to the Orange County fair and there she is dressed to the 9's in heals! No way that happens today!
She threw them awesome parties
Always wanted their holidays to be special

Sewed their clothes

And made halloween costumes.

There are some pretty cool stories about the parties she used to throw for the neighborhood kids. When the kids were almost up and out, she started work. She ended up at Cerritos Community College, where she would put the school catalogs together. This was back before computers and I remember stacks of paper sitting around her house with glue sticks and razor blades. She literally put.together. the school course catalogs by hand and sorted the rooms where the classes met. There was not one part of that school she didn't know like the back of her hand. When I started attending there, the teachers would ask me if I was related to her and when I replied that I was, they always had such nice things to say about her.

She was a GREAT grandma. Holidays were always over the top! She worked hard to make sure that we had the best time possible. Christmas's were great. I always loved Christmas time. Not because I got something but because she would take me shopping to buy for everyone else. It was always a fun day, to think about the people we love and to buy them things we think they would like.

She liked Jacob instantly and was always supportive of our relationship. She wanted him to feel like he was part of the family. She was both happy and sad when we got married. Happy for us but sad that I was leaving. She was happy to hear I was going back to school again and always cheered me on in that regard.
She love love LOVED Kira and couldn't get enough of her. She and my aunt showed up before I went to surgery for the c-section and was there the very next day to meet Kira and to give her love.

She wasn't perfect, she had her problems, prejudices and issues. We all do! But I and a lot of other people love her and will miss her more than I can type out in words. No one ever says, " Man, I wish I saw less of that person." We ALWAYS say, "Man, I wish I could have seen her more often." That's how i have felt these last two years being in Nevada. Not being able to go and see her whenever I wanted. Not giving her as much time as I wanted her to have with Kira. I want Kira to know and love her like I do.

God be with you till we meet again; by his councels guide, uphold you; With his sheep securely fold you. God be with you till we meet again.
God be with you till we meet again; When life's perils thick compound you, Put his arms unfailing round you. God be with you till we meet again.
God be with you till we meet again; Keep love's banner floating o'er you; Smite death's threatening wave before you. God be will you till we meet again.
Till we meet, till we meet, till we meet at Jesus' feet, till we meet till we meet, God be with you till we meet again.

You will be missed Grams. I love you and will see you again with our Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ. I know this! I'm just going to miss you until then.
I love you!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

I want to tell a little side story before I get into Father's Day because it helps to illustrate just how excited Kira gets when she hears the words "CAR SHOW". We were talking about our Labor Day plans and the Paso Robles Car Show is back after a brief hiatus. It's not run by the same people, but it's in the same place, same concept etc..... so we were considering going up for that (or maybe it's down because of where we are at now but anyway) but some friends of ours invited us down to California for a weekend, we haven't seen them since October and it would be fun to go on Labor Day because we would have an "extra" day because of the 4 day week. So we were talking about which we should do, both sound fun, so I said to Jacob, "do you want to go to the Car Show or Mike and Krista's".. and Kira who was standing next to her daddy yelled "CAR SHOW!"
NOW, I know she will have just as much fun at Mike and Krista's (we call Mike her boyfriend because since birth he was the only man she liked other that Jacob she would cry a when held by ALL of her uncles, grandpas etc. but LOVED Mike and would coo at him from her car seat) but it illustrates how much she LOVES cars.
I think some things are just genetic and she gets her love of cars from both sides of her family. My dad has tinkered with cars pretty much since he could walk, watches races, used to race motorcycles, built the go-carts we raced as kids. He made us ALL learn how to change the oil, change a tire and know how to drive a stick before we could even apply for a drivers license (not that we had much choice when I went because we only had a manuel when I was learning how to drive.) Jacob used to paint cars before his mission, has owned lots of old cars, still has his 1963 Volvo at a friends house and talks often with his dad and brothers about cars.... so I believe it's in the blood. So when we told Kira that we were going to the Car Show after church she could barely contain her excitement. (we did gift stuff before church)
Last year the Imperial Palace Hotel on the strip advertised free admittance to Dad and their families, this year it wasn't free except Jacob printed off 2 coupons to get us in for free so it was still free for us! Kira walked in with us and just started glowing! "Look Daddy! CARS!!!!"
Jacob had his camera, I had mine and she was left out (I'm seriously contemplating one of those kids camera's for her birthday) so I gave mine up and she was right along Daddy taking pictures of every.single.car.

I wish I could how you samples but there is something about the pictures that aren't loading.
BUT we had a ton of fun! And will do it all again next year I am sure!
Happy Father's Day Jacob! You are far and away a great dad. I always knew you would be, but you blew my expectations out of the water. You are so good with her and she LOVES you so much!

(just had to add a picture of my new favorite car... my old favorite car is gone... both are purple so I'm thinking I may have rethink this whole not liking purple thing.)
'til next time...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Second Round of Dance

Kira stated dance again last week and to my very pleasant surprise is doing well! No huge crying fits (except this week when she and another girl collided) no fighting to get into her leotard. She has taken to wearing her fairy outfit over her leotard and she looks super cute.

On our way to dance class.

I was pretty impressed by how she kept up with her teacher, Miss Renee. Who apparently is old enough to have grandchildren she told us this past week. Although, I do have to admit I bribed her with a balloon from the dollar store but I'm pretty sure that she forgot about it until I asked her if she wanted to go and get it.
I can't wait to get her in the 3 year old class in September. This class is for 2 year olds in general and there is a big difference between a 24 month old and a 34 month old, which is what Kira is.
So stay tuned for some more fun stuff!
She and I are headed up to Utah for a week on Saturday so there will be lots of pictures I'm sure!

Friday, June 18, 2010

ABC Blues

She's got the blues

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

These Is My Words These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner

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