Friday, July 31, 2009

Our California Adventure

Last weekend we had the great priviledge to attend our nephews baptism. We drove down Friday afternoon and made pretty good time down to Newport Beach. My Aunt was very gracious in letting her stay with her. Jacob had read online about the monster waves hitting Southern California and decided that he wanted to go check them out on Saturday morning... it was such a good idea that everyone else decided to come too! It took us over an hour to park but once we got lucky it was a short jont across the street to the beach.

We put Kira down on the sand and she immediatly asked to be picked right back up. She did NOT like the sand.

This is her trying to get the sand off her feet.
We were surprised that she didn't like the "Wawoo" she usually loves to swim but I think the noise from the waves was too much for her.

So we took a little walk down the boardwalk and came across a playground. Kira was all for that so she spent some time pretending to be a Moonkey

In the afternoon we drove out to Corona and got to see Dallin get baptised. It was a great experience and we are so proud of our "Dal-doo".

We then went to Dallins house for a combined birthday and baptism celebration. We didn't get pictures of that. Jacob was sick all weekend so he took a break from picture duty. But Kira loves all the new clothes she got!

Sunday was spent with my family and with some friends who made us a great dinner!
It looks like we will be down mid September so we'll see you all again soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

WaWoo Park and the "Art Festival"

Here in Vegas they are very good about building parks and a lot of them have water features. Our area happened to get the newest and most popular water park around so Jacob and I have taken Kira a couple of times already. These pictures are from a Daddy/Daughter Saturday... the idea is: He takes her to the park and I get to vacuum the whole house... but the vacuum broke and we are waiting on parts... BUT at least Kira had fun!
(Don't worry Auntie "M" she is slathered with sunblock)

Jacob had heard about this art show they do in Vegas on the First Friday of every month. We decided to check it out. It was kinda not what we expected but we had a good time being out of the house together and see some art.
Part of the show was indoors and so we had to take her out of the stroller. She used this as an excuse to run around a be crazy!
We had a pretty good time over all... but hope it's a little better next year.

She picked out her Elmo outfit ...

... we got her hair all cute and ready to go....

... and by the time we got downtown... the pigtails were out.

Kira also learned that she can push her own stoller!

And had lots of fun with it too!
I bought these shirts over a year ago and put them away as she was too small for them. I pulled them out the other day before scouts and she was sooo excited to see them... She saw them and said "OOOHHH -WOW"(which means shes very excited about something) and ran out to show them to daddy. Then I went to scouts and this is what she looked like when I got home..

All 3 shirts on and her shoes on so she can go look for "Mom Mom"
How funny is she?