Monday, May 12, 2008

Kira in May

You know I wish I could come up with a cute little title every post but alas it can not be done.... Kira is growing like a weed and is all together cute, fun, tiring, and stubborn!!! This month she has finally learned to sit on her own. She pulls herself up to standing on EVERYTHING!!! Started saying Mamama.... she has been saying Dadadada for a while now..... She likes to sing but hates to sleep and still likes to clap! She knows how cute she is and is a huge flirt! She has also started to dance when she hears music.

She is not liking the moving that is going on.. she misses her "dadada" but we will be up there soon.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Kira this month....

Wearing Peter Rabbit's Glasses

Kira stealing my Apple Cinnamon dessert from Pick Up Stix

Learning to eat her Carrot/Cheese pinwheel (Gross but cute!)

The move is going ok. We will be making the BIG move this Saturday. So I might be MIA until we get the phone/internet hooked up. So hope everyone has a good couple of weeks!