Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Monkey for you and a Monkey for Me

We got to have some visitors last week, the first to our new home. Uncle Bruce and Auntie Cheryl came up to Vegas for a real estate conference and stopped by. The day we got to see them was Bruce's birthday. (bruce is my uncle, kira's great uncle) Uncle Bruce loves monkey's and Kira shares his love. Bruce gives great monkey cards for birthdays and gave Kira her very first monkey at my baby shower.
So when we set off to get something great for Bruce we knew it had to be monkey related. Santa (also known as GramJan and Papa Mike) brought her a Monkey pillow pet this past Christmas and she loves it! She named him George and sleeps with him every night OR lets her My Little Pony (Kilack - more on the name later) use him as a crib. But monkeys are sometimes hard to come by, and we were struggling after walking through Wal-mart to no avail. But we stopped at Hallmark and found an awesome uncle monkey card and as I looked at their window at Bed Bath and Beyond I remembered that they had little pillow pets now. So with a little prayer we headed over, walked around the whole store, Kira was amazed with ALL the stuff there and on the last leg of the store Kira spotted them. We found a little monkey pet for Bruce. We brought the monkey home, wrapped him, signed the card and Kira was so excited for Bruce to open his present.
Fast forward two hours, and Bruce and Cheryl get here, with a friend of theirs. Bruce walks in with..... a Monkey Pillow Pet for Kira! And she of course LOVES it, she is sure this one is a girl because there was a bow around it's neck and now she has both a girl and a boy monkey pillow pet! So loves it and cuddles and and I tell her to get Bruce his gift............ a mini monkey pillow pet! They both love them!
I for one am so grateful for the fantastic family that we have. I know she's too young to realize it now but we are so blessed to have so much great family around us. Jacob's family coming to help us move, my parents for sharing jokes on the phone, my aunts and uncles who have blessed me in so many different ways.... Thanks everyone! We love you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kira's First Art Book

Jacob and i text each other all day. It's very convenient, as he spends his days next to large very loud machines and can't hear me talk or even hear the phone ring. So when I got a text from him about our Saturday plans, it wasn't a great surprise.

We already had plans to look at a new couch for our new place, and we were on a search for a Bakers Rack also. Jacob added a stop at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel. I'm sure I posted about it earlier this year, it's part of the new City Center Complex. There is an Art Store in the Cosmo, is called Kid Robot and their summer project is to have these little Dunny's (see below) painted by popular artists and then they will be placed around the Cosmo for a while. Tara Mc Pherson was the artist in town on the 2nd and 3rd of July and Jacob wanted to go see her. If you know Jacob well you will know he's into art, a(I have posted about Robert Williams and his shows before) and Tara Mc Pherson has been featured in his favorite art magazine a couple of times. So Saturday morning came and we went.

Here is Kira, all ready to go. We were all so excited we got to have Jacob on a Saturday, that hasn't been a common thing around here lately.

We got to the Cosmopolitan and took the elevator up to the 3rd floor (Scott Conant's restaurant is up there, i want to go, so maybe he'll read this and give me some free meals, because other wise it's just a pipe dream) and walking across the lobby type area we saw this....

This is a picture Kira took of it. She had been working on it for a little bit by then.

Rear View.

Here is Tara painting a bit.

Jacob and Kira both picked out books and both got autographs. Kira picked her booked based on how many scary pictures there were in each book. Kira was very sweet when asking for her autograph, and even spelled her name for Tara.

Tara made a personalized little picture for Kira. Kira, of course LOVES her book. (it is put up safely with Jacob and she can look at it with daddy)

She also got to make her mark - the little scribble is is covering up. She is refusing to write her name, because she can't do it perfect. (An Anderson trait all the way, my mother-in-law says Jacob was very similar and we have a nephew who has refused to do somethings until he knows he can do it)

And finally a picture of Kira with Jacob's job site behind her. I will have to post about that soon.

It was a very fun day, we looked at couches, didn't buy any but have an idea of what we want now. No luck on the bakers rack so i bought one from Jc Pennys online. I'll have to show you pictures when it gets here because the website is not cooperating!

Hope everyone is having a good summer!!

ADDED NOTE: This is the book Kira picked (see link)