Tuesday, February 24, 2009


February has been a pretty busy month! Kira and I headed down to California so that I could attend my annual Scrapbook Expo with Korie and Sabrina. We were all a little surprised that we only spent about 3 1/2 hours there but as this was our fourth year attending, we pretty much have it down to a science. We know which booths to hit, we know which booths to skip and our budgets were noticeably smaller than past years too so we decided to behave and just enjoy our time together. My haul from the scrapbook expo...

This is a simple piece of metal that I'm planning on making a recipe stand with... details to come on the craft site I contribute to (link here)

These blue squares are acrylic, I'm planning on making something for my bathroom mirror this year.... (again, see craft site)

I really needed cardstock and spend a large portion of my budget on it, but it will be worth it! I also got some patterned paper, but I have learned from Sabrina how to be more economical with it so I don't have to buy so many sheets.

These were all at the dollar place!

While down in California, Kira and I got to visit with lots of family. It was fun to see uncles and aunts and friends too! Kira loves spending time with her cousins and is all smiles whenever she sees Natalie or Kyla. They are good and patient with her and have a good time "taking care" of Kira while they all play!

We got to see GG and Papa Winfrey... they had a little surprise waiting for her ...

Kira's own baby, with a little cradle, lent to her by her Auntie "M". We decided to leave the baby at GGs for our next visit so that Kira will have something to play with!
Also at GGs is my special surprise too! I'm going to take a minute and brag all about it... This rocking chair was my Great-Grandmother's from my mothers side. I had asked my Grandma from my Dad's side (GG) to help with the revamping of the chair. Since then her health has declined a bit and decided to ask someone else to recover it... but she and my mom did a great job with the fabric choice.

The picture really doesn't do it justice though! It's so beautiful I don't want to let Kira near it, even though it was redone with her in mind..

After being in California for a week, Kira had had it and was ready to go home. I really just wanted to go home too for a lot of reasons! You know what they say about how you can never really go home again? Well for the first time in my whole life I don't consider California home to me anymore. I couldn't wait to get back home to Jacob and just be in our own place, let Kira run around and be comfortable again.

I invited my friend Korie back with me, she needed a mini vacation. She drove up with Kira and me on Wednesday. (Kira was a trooper both ways)We spent the rest of the week lounging around the house, eatting out (Cafe Rio) shopping at the mall and our old past time, looking at model homes...(Jacob doesn't like the model home part - or the shopping part either - but in the year Korie and I have been looking at models - probably close to 100 houses - I have only found two that I like, so I keep telling him that it's ok) I did find one that I liked... (click here if you're interested) It's the model called Holden... nothing too fancy, only one living room and over all a good size (not that we are moving anytime soon but one can dream!) Korie left Sunday morning, I hope she had a good time!
On Monday, Jacob got home from work and we went to the Bellagio. The Bellagio, on the strip has a spot that has a beautiful floral display that they change a couple times a year. This display was for Chinese New Year and it was beautiful!

Kira decided she didn't like the music anymore so she kept putting her fingers in her ears!

Misc pictures of Kira this month:

Picture of Kira and Me getting ready for Greek Food on Saturday Night

Kira has decided that it's more fun to feed herself, and of course it's only right but yogurt gets messy

Kira making her "Hi" face in the bath

Just playing with mom

So, if you have gotten to this point, thanks for reading and we will update again soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is totally unrelated to Flashback Friday but Kira is currently sitting in her highchair with the cookie I gave her (from last night's enrichment) and she systematically scraped all the frosting off and left the cookie.... she has a serious sweet tooth and at 17 months can split an Oreo in half perfectly! Anyway... onto Flashback Friday...

This is me (duh) and my good friend Natasha at our Junior Prom. I loved my dress!
Anyway, Natasha was an exchange student from Belarus and we got to be friends in German Class... we still email every once in a while.
I don't have a picture from Senior Prom because I didn't go... Junior Prom was such a bust and though I was asked, I didn't want to deal with the dress and shoes etc so I didn't go....

Here is a picture of my friend Rachael and me the night of Senior Prom... I believe there was a Seminary Activity or church dance or something, so they stopped by and we took this picture...
Moving to Ohio was probably the hardest move I ever made but I did gain alot out of that move... without that move I'm not sure where my testimony would be. And I made some good friends there too!
'til next week

Monday, February 2, 2009

No No No No No No NO!

This is the new word around the house. No No No No! It seems to be the answer to everything, even when it turns out Kira wants whatever it is I'm asking about...
Kira is growing more independant every day. She talks a ton... even if we don't always understand what she's saying.
January has been kind of a slow month - relaxing from the Christmas craze and gearing up for Kira and my California trip but here are some pictures from January...

Kira wanted some Cherrios and went after them!!!

Her new camera smile - check out her tiny hand FULL of Cherrios!

Just playing aorund the house!