Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ey Ey Ey!

So I haven't posted in a while. Our computer has been MIA and I was waiting to post about her birthday and lost some of the pictures (they are not lost completely, just on discs I don't want to dig out)
So I thought I would give you all the rundown of the last couple of weeks... before we finish the last couple of weeks this month. Which will also be crazy but we'll get to that later.
For Kira's birthday we spent the day going out and picking out her new skateboard and helmet....

And in the evening we had a very small impromptu party with some presents and cupcakes, that she helped me make.

Then for Labor Day with our good friends Mike and Krista, we drove down on Friday and hung out for a couple of hours. On Saturday we thought we would check out some old haunts... The Street Fair at the Orange Circle. We walked around, are great little snacks and realized that we are too old for crowded fairs and left about 2 hours later.

(Kira enjoying the mexican music and her chicken tacos)

Then off to 5 Guys for some pretty great hamburgers!
On Sunday, Mike and Krista's nieces and nephews headed over for some good food and some play time.

She got to play dress - up. I almost stole that chewbacca costume, she looked so cute in it!!!

This past weekend Jacob took Kira down for a 16th birthday for some pretty close friends. I had to stay for yet another funeral. Jacob did VERY well with taking care of her by himself for the weekend and I missed her like crazy!!!! I had never been away from her before and she was gone for 2 days!!!

I know she had a great time at the party and she got to play with her cousins on Sunday before she and Jacob drove home.
So stay tuned for the 2nd half of our September!